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Target Warmth Better

Target Warmth Better

By Krissy Jean Zimmer

Photo: Krissy Jean Zimmer discovered a way to stay in the stand longer by using a product not meant for hunters. Here she poses with a 202-pound 8-pointer she shot on a cold Georgia day.

After reading a Tip of the Week written by William Sharp about using Kinesio Tex or KT Tape to attach hand warmers over your kidneys to stay warmer, I decided to share my tip — it's even better!

I'm a female hunter with a heart condition, so I'm always on the lookout for new ways to allow me to be warm in the woods despite my issues. One day while in the local drug store, a light bulb went off when I passed the joint and muscle warmer section.

ThermaCare Heat Wraps are made for purposes other than hunting, but I thought why wouldn’t they work in the woods? Turns out, they do!

These adhesive heating pads are much larger than most hunting hand and foot warmers, plus, they can be attached to areas like the back of your neck and over your kidneys where you need a heat source most. They come in multiple sizes and conform to specific places on the body, so you can really target where you need the warmth.

ThermaCare wraps stay warm up to 8 hours, and you can get them at most stores that carry pharmaceutical supplies.

Since I discovered this trick, I’ve used it every winter. The wraps have allowed me to stick it out on those cold Georgia mornings when I normally wouldn’t have been able to hunt for long.

In addition to ThermaCare wraps, I still like to use HotHands in my pockets and Toasti Toes in my boots on really cold days.

— Photo Courtesy of Krissy Jean Zimmer

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