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Longer-Lasting Trail Markers

Longer-Lasting Trail Markers

By Albert Canady

My tip is a tree-friendly and longer-lasting way to mark the trials leading to and from your treestands.

To begin, I like to use a quality electrical tape. I fold long strips around the limbs of trees along my trail, allowing several inches of the tape to hang from either side of the limb. Then I press the adhesive sides of the tape together to form a length of flagging.

Next, I place a strip of reflective tape on each side of the electrical tape flagging.

The reason I do this with electrical tape is because it will stretch over time — sometimes lasting many years. This allows the tree to grow without breaking the tape, requiring it to be replaced. This also prevents deformities in tree growth the way reflective tape does.

Space the flagging strips apart at a distance you are comfortable with and can see easily. I space mine about every 50 feet so it isn’t difficult to find the trail with a flashlight.

If your trail is somewhat straight, you won’t need as many markers as a trail with lots of bends.

This method lasts years longer, helps the trees grow properly and speeds up your travel time to the stand.

Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd.

Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd