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Top That, Dad!

Top That, Dad!

By Reggie Bright

11-year-old has a season for the all-time books.

I know all parents are proud, but I have an amazing story about my 11-year-old son, Hunter Ward.

This kid has had one of the most exciting hunting seasons possible. He has harvested four impressive South Carolina bucks, all 8-pointers. To tell you a little about Hunter, first of all his name fits him perfectly. He is the proud son of Krystal Teal Bright and myself, Reggie Bright. We’re all from and reside in Wallace, S.C. This is also where the deer were taken.

Hunter has three other siblings, a 2-year-old brother, Kingston, and two younger sisters, Krymson (5) and Macalah (9). We also have three dogs – a yellow lab named Bear, a chocolate lab named Dax and a golden retriever. It’s fair to say we have a big family.

Top That, Dad!Hunter loves the outdoors. He loves hunting, fishing, motorsports and baseball. He’s very popular with his classmates, friends and teachers. He asked me on Sunday morning if I have ever taken a deer as big as his, and I had to sheepishly reply, “No, son, I haven’t. I have never seen a deer in the woods as big as the biggest one you’ve taken.”

Hunter harvested these deer while hunting with his grandfather, Robert Ward. I just wanted to share this amazing story because this kid has done something that most grown men never do in a lifetime of dedicated hunting. We’re so proud of you, Hunter!

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