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Consistency Is Crucial When Cocking Your Crossbow

Consistency Is Crucial When Cocking Your Crossbow

By Bryan Zabitski, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

The main goal of crossbow hunters is to shoot as accurately as possible when using their crossbows in the field. More times than not, a hunter doesn't get a second chance to make a good, accurate shot on an animal. You may have the best hunting crossbow. You may be shooting the best crossbow arrows. You may have a quality optic designed to allow for precision shooting. You may have practiced your shooting routine. But, have you considered how important the way you cock your crossbow is to your overall accuracy?

Shooting accuracy is directly related to shooting consistency, regardless of the weapon you use. Crossbow shooting accuracy is directly linked to how consistently you cock your crossbow.

Consistency Is Crucial When Cocking Your CrossbowModern crossbows offer many different types of cocking mechanisms, with the newest designs featuring movable trigger box systems. However, not all movable trigger box cocking systems are the same. TenPoint's new ACUslide safe cocking and de-cocking system stands out above the rest because it has cocking consistency built into its unique design.

The TenPoint ACUslide is different because it has an industry-first Trigger Lock-Latch that locks the trigger box in the same place after each time the bowstring is cocked. Other similar systems do not have this accuracy-promoting feature.

The Trigger Lock-Latch allows for tension to be removed from the cocking strap and ensures the trigger box is locked in the same position before each shot, yielding unmatched cocking consistency and 48% improved down-field accuracy as compared to other systems.

If you want to use the safest, quietest and most precise cocking device on the market today, visit TenPoint's website to learn more about the ACUslide safe cocking and de-cocking system by clicking HERE.

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