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DNR staff to hold next set of deer talk open houses

DNR staff to hold next set of deer talk open houses

By Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Wildlife managers across the state are inviting the public to open house meetings to ask deer-related questions and comment on deer issues.

Time from mid-August to early September has been set aside to discuss deer-related topics including upcoming hunting regulation changes that will be released in early August.

Specific times and location details for the deer open houses are available here.

The local, open house meetings are a way to encourage conversations about deer and deer management, enhance local relationships and foster two-way communication between the DNR and the public. The first meetings were held in March and April.

“After the productive discussions we had in spring, we’re really looking forward to the additional conversation at these open houses,” said Barbara Keller, big game program leader.

“These events are great opportunities for people to learn more about specific regulations changes this year and get their questions answered as we approach hunting season. They also provide an opportunity for us to receive public input that will help us plan for the coming year.”

Those attending are welcome to ask DNR staff about last year’s harvest data, to provide topics the deer advisory committee should be aware of, and discuss changes in the upcoming hunting season.

Regulations for the 2019 season will be released in early August and reflect disease management needs, as well as feedback that was gathered from surveys and open house meetings in the spring.

The open houses do not include formal presentations; people can arrive any time during the scheduled meeting times.

For those who can’t attend a scheduled meeting but still have questions about deer management, the DNR still wants to hear from you, so please contact a local wildlife manager.

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