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Temporary hunting closures expired Oct. 4

Temporary hunting closures expired Oct. 4

By South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Temporary hunting season closures put in place for portions of the Pee Dee and Waccamaw River drainages following the widespread and catastrophic flooding in the wake of Hurricane Florence expired at midnight Oct. 4.

The Department of Natural Resources will not extend the closure, and hunting resumes these areas. Hunters are asked to keep in mind that some Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) still have public access closures or vehicular access restrictions.  

WMA hunters should check the SCDNR website for an updated list of those property closures and restrictions on SCDNR-managed properties.

The following Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) are affected by the temporary deer hunting closures in the Pee Dee and Waccamaw River drainages:
• Little Pee Dee River Heritage Preserve WMA
• Samworth WMA
• Woodbury WMA
• Pee Dee Station WMA

Properties with additional restrictions on access because of flooding from Hurricane Florence:
• Little Pee Dee River HP WMA (Gunter's Island tract is closed to vehicles due to standing water. All other tracts open, but it is heavily advised to not drive through any standing water.)
• Marsh WMA was closed to vehicle traffic
• Woodbury WMA closed to vehicle traffic
• Samworth WMA closed to all public access
• Segars-McKinnon Heritage Preserve closed to all public access

SCDNR staff will continue to monitor floodwaters and road conditions and public access will be allowed when floodwaters retreat and properties are considered safe.

Although some areas are still affected by flood waters, most game species have had opportunities to disperse and adjust since the flooding began.

Hunters are reminded there may be isolated areas where game species are still vulnerable or are in a stressed state following the flood. As always, please respect natural resources, act in an ethical manner and practice good sportsmanship when going afield.

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