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Preliminary harvest shows record 13,220 deer in 2017

Preliminary harvest shows record 13,220 deer in 2017

By Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

The preliminary statewide deer harvest for 2017 is 13,220 deer, a new record high. Archery and primitive firearms seasons also saw record harvests.

The preliminary harvest figures by season are 109 deer during Youth Deer Hunt Day Sept. 30; 4 deer during Paraplegic Deer Hunt Nov. 2–4; 5,191 deer during Archery Season Oct. 16–Nov. 25; 5,162 deer during Shotgun Season Nov. 25–Dec. 9; and 2,754 deer taken during Primitive Firearms Season Dec. 11–30.

The MassWildlife deer project Leader analyzes harvest, biological and hunter effort data, along with hunter success rates, female versus male harvest and other factors to manage deer populations in each zone.

An analysis of this information is underway for the annual spring deer management review. A complete harvest summary will be posted on the MassWildlife website after the annual deer review in June.

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