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Bloodsport Prosecutor

Engineered as a transitional arrow to decrease inner diameter size for increased field-point accuracy, the Prosecutor™ offers archers another small diameter option to take down big game. Featuring .004” straightness, durable Rugged Wrap construction, Blood Ring technology and an ultra-stable 32-grain R.O.C. System, light and fast Prosecutor arrows are available in four distinct models for optimized performance with any archery set-up.

Bow hunters realize the importance of accuracy, but the virtues of penetration are often less understood. Simply stated, penetration is important on any given shot because bows vary in speed, broadheads vary in design and performance, and game animals vary in size and composition. And most importantly, perhaps, every shot isn’t perfect.

Other variables remaining equal, smaller diameter arrow shafts offer better penetration than larger ones due to their reduced surface area. And since they’re less prone to wind drift, they can also deliver improved accuracy. These are the primary reasons many bow hunters today have made the switch to micro-diameter arrows.

But the benefits of small-diameter arrows don’t end there.

Weight is the primary factor that dictates arrow speed and trajectory. A lighter, faster arrow will deliver about the same energy to a target at typical bow hunting range as a heavier, slower arrow fired from the same bow. It will do so, however, on a flatter trajectory and in less time, which is an important consideration for many hunters.

Bloodsport, operating on the bleeding edge of archery, believes that bow hunters deserve a variety of choices in arrow design. That’s why their 2018 lineup of high performance arrows includes two all-new small-diameter options.

• .004 Straightness
• Rugged Wrap Construction
• Blood Ring Technology
• Inner diameter .204”
• 32-grain ROC System included
• MSRP: $69.99 per six

No matter what you shoot or what you hunt, find the sweet spot this season with Bloodsport’s new Justice and Prosecutor small-diameter arrows. The verdict? Guilty as charged, Your Honor: Justice and Prosecutor offer an uncommon combination of accuracy, penetration and speed.

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