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Force5 Gun Lube

Gun owners can now protect their firearms from rust, firing residues, and other contaminants, ensuring their reliability and accuracy, with Force5 Gun Lube, a corrosion inhibiter, lubricant, and cleaner that keeps everything in good working order.

Developed initially for the military to preserve gun and automatic weapon function in a desert environment, Force5 Gun Lube is a highly penetrating mobile liquid that effectively removes contaminants from weapon components, while providing for long-term preservation in all climates and conditions. Today, more than 200 US law enforcement, Homeland Security, and military agencies use the product.

For long-term corrosion protection of firearm metal components, Force 5 Gun Lube forms a water and vapor proof shield while bonding to the pores of the metal.

While standard “wet lube” cleaner/ lubricant/preservative (CLP) can cause dust, dirt, and sand to cake up, causing firearm jams and other malfunctions, Force5 Gun Lube dries to a hard finish to repel such contaminants. This keeps weapons adequately lubricated and functioning properly.

The Gun Lube goes on wet and penetrates to the smallest places, stripping grease and carbon from the weapon, and when the weapon is wiped clean, the residual dries in a few hours. The bore of the weapon is cleaned the same way by wetting a patch and running it though the bore until the patches come out clean. No further application is necessary and the residual makes the weapon easier to clean the next time.

Whether for hunting, competition, target practice, or defensive shooting, proper cleaning and lubrication is essential for all guns. Since Force5 Gun Lube is also a cleaner, it can be used to remove dirt, grime, carbon build up, and even existing rust on all types of gun components and accessories, helping to preserve firearm value.

A Black Powder version of the product is also available for all muzzle loading weapons, and is favored by Civil War re-enactors for use on their high value period correct weapons and cannons.

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