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Tink’s Trophy Taker Gels

Tink’s, America’s #1 performing line of deer scents and lures introduces Trophy Taker Gels, implementing revolutionary Gel Stream Technology. The entire line is extensively tested, simple to use and feature packed for every situation. When hunting season starts, you know Tink’s has your back.

Trophy takers aren’t lucky. Trophy takers do their homework, know what they’re after and always carry the appropriate gear. Maybe, you placed a brand new set next-door to a hit-lister’s bedding area. Or perhaps, that drop-tined tough guy is running every other shooter buck off the food plot. Better yet, it could just be that special time of year when even the dominant bucks put lust before illusiveness. Whatever it is, Tink’s Trophy Taker Gels make the difference. The difference between missed opportunities and memories that forever hang above the mantel.

Tink’s Trophy Taker Gels are effective and simple to use. Remove the can’s cap, point and shoot. Ten-foot streams of long-lasting scented gels are discharged, primed and ready to lure in the area’s big boys. All of the Trophy Taker options combine to complete a thorough and effective whitetail luring system.

Tink’s Trophy Taker Gels are a pack essential for every hunter. This quality assured product delivers the edge hunters need to consistently capitalize on opportunities in the field. Available in “Relax,” a calming synthetic lure used near potential and popular bedding areas. “Fight,” a scented gel simulating a territorial intruder, triggering responses from aggressive deer. And of course, “Heat,” which invokes sexual responses that attract bucks during all phases of the rut. Trophy Taker is also available in Tink’s signature #69 Doe-In-Rut Hot Bomb formula.

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