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TRUGLO, Inc. introduces the new OMNIA Tactical Riflescope — a powerful and precise optic for both short and long distance shooting. Packed with high-end features at a price all shooters can enjoy, OMNIA is sure to please any AR-15 enthusiast.

OMNIA means “all things, wholly, entirely” and exudes the attitude of this scope. Designed for the entire effective range of the AR-15 platform, the OMNIA series offers two different models: the OMNIA4 (1-4x24mm, $280) and the OMNIA6 (1-6x24mm, $369). At 1x, both models offer a wide field of view and illuminated center for fast close-range shooting. With the included quick-zoom lever, OMNIA can rapidly transition to maximum magnification to hit targets at long distances.

The proprietary All Purpose Tactical Reticle (A.P.T.R.) is calibrated for the popular XM193 (.223 55gr) cartridge with bullet drop compensation marks subtended from 50 to 600 yards. This unique reticle is also designed for a 50/200 zero — meaning at all ranges, shooters can spend more time in the optic and on target and spend less time making turret adjustments.

Thick, shortened crosshairs (bottom and sides) help shooters quickly find the center of the reticle, while an extremely fine BDC “Ladder” enables precision at long ranges without obscuring the target. Users of the popular Strelok Pro ballistic calculator application will be happy to find the All Purpose Tactical Reticle for the OMNIA scopes already programmed in the reticle library for both scope models.

OMNIA is built on a 30mm tube for increased brightness and a larger range of click adjustments, and comes with the APTUS-M1 30mm one-piece mount, designed to pair perfectly with modern sporting rifles. Half-MOA target turrets allow for quick zeroing of the optic, with a solid lock-up to avoid any accidental adjustments.

Multi-coated lenses provide excellent clarity and contrast while maintaining a large exit pupil and generous eye relief for comfortable viewing. Built for a wide variety of shooting styles and applications, OMNIA is designed to proudly accompany America’s favorite rifle.

TRUGLO is the world’s leading brand of sights and accessories for the shooting sports industry. Born through innovation, TRUGLO continues to introduce advanced and revolutionary technology for shooters of all types. Based in Texas, TRUGLO celebrates over 20 years of cutting-edge technology for shooters who are passionate about quality and clarity. Giving back to an industry they love, TRUGLO supports numerous conservation groups, youth programs, and organizations that promote the values necessary to guarantee the industry’s bright future. TRUGLO — When Brightness Counts!

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