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Swagger Bipods

The thump of your heart resounds in your ears and makes your jacket dance in rhythm as the giant buck steps into the open. You’ve waited for this moment your entire life, and it’s finally about to happen. As the massive 10-pointer takes that last step, you center the crosshairs firmly behind the shoulder and squeeze the trigger – and the deer drops immediately in its tracks.

That’s how it’s supposed to happen.

Unfortunately, the very emotions and adrenaline that drive us to hunt work against us when it comes time to make the shot. It’s no wonder so many hunters blow the shot when staring down the sights at a buck of a lifetime.

Swagger Bipods is the solution for a pounding heart and shaking hands. Their amazing All-Terrain Bipods don’t take away the thrill of the hunt – and who would want them to? – but they do provide a steady hold in any hunting situation, whether on the ground, in a blind or even in a treestand.

Traditional bipods are great for shooting at stationary targets from a bench, but the tendency of game to approach from unexpected directions, along with the fact that animals are always on the move, means rigid bipods can actually make it more difficult to get and stay on target.

Swagger Bipods helps hunters fill more tags and make good shots, even in the most stressful situations, and in any terrain or stand setup. All-Terrain Bipods continue to support a firearm while a hunter shifts and adjusts to a moving target.

Swagger’s exclusive Crazy Legs Technology allows the All-Terrain Bipod legs to flex and move as a hunter shifts his point of aim. The Crazy Legs springs provide support but also respond to pressure, allowing the crosshair to remain steady, even as the hunter adjusts to game movement. Crazy Legs Technology also means the legs can hyper-extend to adapt to any shooting position, including prone, kneeling or standing.

Depending on your hunting style, there’s a perfect Swagger All-Terrain bipod for everyone. The Field Model is ideal for Western hunters, spot-and-stalk situations or any area where long shots from the ground are likely. The Treestand/Blind Model adapts to the unique challenges of hunting from treestands and blinds, or any enclosure with an elevated window.

Both models attach solidly to guns and crossbows and go completely unnoticed until they’re needed. At the moment of truth, the legs can be deployed quickly and silently to provide Swagger’s revolutionary solid-but-flexible support.

The Field Model easily adjusts from 6¾ to 29 inches, while the Treestand/Blind Model boasts an extension range from 9¾ to 41¼ inches. With an All-Terrain Bipod, there’s no reason to have a shaky crosshair no matter where you hunt or the size of the buck.

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