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Daisy Rocket Shot

The new Rocket Shot Target System from Daisy Outdoor Products is a fun new way to learn and practice your instinctive shooting skills. It’s an airgun target system that duplicates the fun of shooting a wobbly, erratic “Springing Teal” target in sporting clays. It’s so much fun, though, that adult and youth shooters won’t even notice they’re really training their eyes and muscles to become better wingshooters.

Created to be used with multiple shooters (but effective and fun alone), the Rocket Shot Target System consists of a spring-loaded silo that launches an ordinary empty aluminum can 10-feet into the air. The can is loaded into the top and a yellow target suspended below keeps tension on the spring. One shooter targets the bottom yellow target, and when it’s struck it releases the spring to launch the can, which is then shot out of the air. See the Rocket Shot in action.

Rocket Shot was invented by a grandfather and grandson from Hardy, Ark., after the grandfather, Harry Shackleford, reflected about how he would shoot walnuts out of the air when he was younger. He and grandson Jody envisioned a target that would allow a pair of shooters to team up to have fun and improve their wingshooting skills. Once completed, the pair set up at a few gun shows and quickly sold out of the innovative and fun target system.

The product caught the eye of Daisy Outdoor Products General Manager Keith Higginbotham at the 2017 SHOT Show. “These two thought of this idea at the kitchen table, built it, and made them a few at a time,” Higginbotham said. “We have full manufacturing capabilities and a national presence, so it made sense for us to work together.”

The Rocket Shot Target System is intended for use with airguns producing 350 FPS or less velocity. Adult supervision is required for youth shooters. Know what’s beyond your target. When using the Rocket Shot with more than one shooter - or with more than one target system - all shooters must stand side-by-side. Create competitions while improving your shooting skills! All participants must wear shooting glasses.

Daisy’s products are available in leading discount, farm and home, and sporting goods stores, as well as online at Follow Daisy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Daisy Outdoor Products…
Daisy Outdoor Products is America’s oldest and leading marketer of BB guns, air rifles and pistols, air rifle ammo and accessories. The company markets the most extensive product line of youth air guns, appropriate for ages ten and older under adult supervision under the Daisy brand.  CO2-powered, pistols and high velocity pellet and BB air rifles are marketed under the Power Line by Daisy brand. Additionally the company is the exclusive air gun licensee for Winchester Air Rifles, a line of adult air rifles and pistols, appropriate for target shooting and small game hunting. Daisy’s line of training and match competition guns are marketed under the AVANTI brand. Daisy’s shooting education curriculum is widely used by organizations which promote and teach gun safety and marksmanship. The company’s prestigious Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match, held each summer in the company’s home town, Rogers, Ark., is the largest 5-meter BB gun match in the world.

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