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Bushnell LRHS Elite

Bushnell redefined long-range hunting optics with the introduction of the 3-12x 44mm Elite Long Range Hunting Scope (LRHS). It incorporates the technology and function of the acclaimed Elite Tactical series in a scope designed specifically for long-range hunters. This year, Bushnell expands the line with a 4.5-18x 44mm model for extreme long-range performance.

The heart of the LRHS scope is the purpose-built first focal plane G2 reticle that allows hunters to range targets at any magnification and make critical hold adjustments.

Hunters can now choose the original, milliradian-based G2H reticle with .1 mil clicks and 10 mils per revolution of adjustment. Or, they can select the new G2M MOA-based version with .25 MOA clicks and 24 MOA of travel per revolution.

The low-profile elevation turrets with RevLimiter zero stop allow shooters to quickly return to zero without dialing past. The scopes feature fast-focus eyepieces and side parallax adjustment to retain a crisp, clear sight picture at any range. The patented RainGuard HD coating offers a permanent barrier that beads water to scatter less light and give a clear view in conditions that would render untreated optics unusable.

Features and Benefits:
• First focal plane G2H or G2M reticles allow ranging at any magnification
• RevLimiter zero stop on elevation turret allows instant return to zero
• 30mm tube for increased adjustment travel
• Target-style elevation turret and resettable, capped, windage turret
• RainGuard HD lens coatings
• Fully multi-coated optics
• Ultra Wide band lens coatings
• Side parallax adjustment

MSRP: $2,100.45

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