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Whitetail Institute Imperial Whitetail Beets & Greens

The Whitetail Institute of North America is proud to announce its newest annual food-plot product: Imperial Whitetail Beets & Greens.

Beets & Greens features seed varieties that are designed to work in combination to attract and hold deer throughout the fall and winter. These include the Whitetail Institute’s proprietary kale, turnip and radish varieties, as well as the sweet attractiveness of sugar beets. These components are included in Beets & Greens in ratios that Whitetail Institute testing has proven will provide abundant, highly attractive tonnage for early fall through late winter, as well as tubers to help deer through the harsh winter months. Designed for planting in the fall, Beets & Greens establishes and grows quickly.

As is the case with all Whitetail Institute food-plot products, the forage components in Beets & Greens have been carefully chosen to ensure that they complement each other, and then repeatedly tested in different combinations and percentages to ensure Beets & Greens delivers top overall stand performance.

Beets & Greens seeds are coated with the Whitetail Institute’s Rainbond seed coating to maximize seedling survivability.

Designed for planting in the fall, Beets & Greens is packaged in 3 pound bags that will plant 1/2 acre, and 12-pound bags that will plant 2 acres.

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