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Wildgame Innovations Reactor

Science has shown that whitetails have nearly 60 times as many scent receptors as humans – a powerful advantage that deer use against hunters at every opportunity. Turn the table and start using those incredible noses against them with REACTOR – Wildgame Innovations’ most aromatic and concentrated mineral deer attractant ever.

Draw deer to scouting camera locations, existing mineral sites or establish new ones up to 10 times faster with the potent power of science. Too powerful to come pre-mixed; REACTOR is sold in a kit containing 1 qt. liquid and 1-1/4 lb. powder.  It’s the most aromatic and concentrated mineral product ever produced by Wildgame Innovations.

Wildgame Innovations’ Airborne Technology uses proprietary mixing processes in REACTOR’s liquid component. When combined with the powder, the liquid undergoes a phase change and produces a super fine mist that contains up to 600% more scent molecules than competing products. This potent, highly concentrated vapor trail results in more airborne scent dispersed farther than ever before.

When mixed on the ground, a stump or on top of a supplemental mineral product, REACTOR’s volatile two-part formulation creates an intense foaming eruption that produces three powerful forms of attraction. The fast and furious reaction produces large volumes of concentrated foaming minerals that quickly leach into stumps and soils for long-lasting attraction, while Airborne Technology produces an incredibly strong, long-range vapor trail that attracts and draws deer from downwind over great distances. And after the chemical reaction takes place, REACTOR’s premium mineral components crystalize on the surface to create an irresistible nutritional supplement that lasts up to 45 days.

REACTOR is made in the USA.

• Powerful Two-Part Long-Range Deer Attractant & Mineral Supplement
• Wildgame Innovations’ most aromatic and concentrated mineral product ever
• Too potent to come pre-mixed
• Intense reaction creates three-part attraction
• Foam leaches into soil or stumps for long-lasting attraction
• Potent, long-range vapor trail fueled by Airborne Technology draws deer over great distances
• Crystalized material remains on the surface for immediate intake by deer
• Proven to establish mineral sites up to 10 times faster  
• Attracts for up to 45 days
• 1 qt. liquid, 1-1/4 lbs. powder
• MSRP: $14.99

Deer can’t benefit from supplemental mineral sites they can’t find. Wildgame Innovations’ potent new REACTOR Deer Attractant and Mineral Supplement will ensure that deer follow their noses to the locations you choose – even if they started two farms away. REACTOR’s powerful three-part attraction draws deer from long distances with Airborne Technology, and holds them with the long-lasting minerals they crave.

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