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Ultralite Lost

Hunter Safety System, the leader in treestand safety gear, has partnered with Mathews Bows and Lost Camo to create the new HSS-Ultralite Lost safety harness that will be available exclusively within the Mathews extensive independent dealer base.

An extremely lightweight harness, the Ultralite Lost vest is based on the patented and proven Hunter Safety System design that eliminates dangerous dangling straps as well as complicated weave-through buckles. The Ultralite Lost vest incorporates a new tether design that is thinner and lighter, yet it provides even more shock absorption than previous Hunter Safety System models.

The UltraLite Lost goes a step further by utilizing an array of new smart fabrics that are deadly quiet, durable and comfortable, even in the most extreme conditions. The Ultralite Lost is trimmed with the company’s proprietary Comfort-Touch edging, which prevents abrasion around the neck area, while remaining extremely comfortable, even after a long day of hunting.

Minimalistic by design for a nearly weightless experience, the Ultralite Lost vest also includes a pair of pockets to house all of your essential gear, and the pockets are totally repositionable. Featuring zippered closures, the pockets can be removed completely, should you so desire. The pockets come in two sizes to accommodate most gear used in the stand.

Developed in partnership with Mathews Bows, the Ultralite Lost is a premium treestand safety vest that will be available exclusively in Lost Camo at Mathews independent dealers.

MSRP $119.99.

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