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Tru-Fire Patriot Flex

Tru-Fire, the leading archery release brand, has introduced the Patriot Flex, an update of the inexpensive and proven Patriot release. Retaining the Patriot’s nylon webbing wrist strap with a hook-and-loop style closure system, the Patriot Flex has an updated head that’s thinner and narrower than the original.

The Patriot Flex’s new aluminum-alloy head features a newly designed trigger with machined and hardened steel components. It is adjustable for travel and is exceptionally responsive, yet its dual-caliper string release has increased holding strength.

The Patriot Flex head is attached to the wrist strap by 1/2-inch nylon webbing with a steel buckle as well as a nylon buckle, which allow for generous and precise adjustment. The head can also be oriented for either right- or left-handed users. The webbing is contained in a protective rubber Flex Tube that can be cut to length.

MSRP: $29.99.

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