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Tru-Fire C4

Tru-Fire, the leading archery release brand, has introduced its newest four-finger hammer-throw release, the C4. This lightweight, comfortable and ultra-quiet release is built from cutting-edge materials and boasts high-end features, and it eliminates the largest barrier to entry for handheld releases: the price.

The 2.1-oz. weight of the Tru-Fire C4 release is due to its injection-molded, high-strength carbon-composite main body. A secondary injection of soft rubber fills sound-deadening nodes that also act as gripping surfaces and finger comfort pads. The composite body also features an integrated string-loop capture that allows archers leave their C4 release attached to the string loop at all times.

Easily convertible for left- or right-handed shooters, the C4 has a six-position thumb trigger, which is also adjustable for travel. The C4’s internal parts are precisely machined before being heat-treated for hardness. The newly designed string hook is fully machined and completely encircles the string loop when the cocking lever is activated.

The mechanical-advantage design of the C4’s internal parts allow the string hook to hold up to 200 lbs. yet requiring only a few ounces of pressure applied to the trigger to release.

MSRP: $69.99.

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