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Tink’s Boost 73

Tink’s, America’s #1 Buck Lure, introduces a revolutionary new formula, Boost73. Tink’s Boost73 is the first product of its kind, combining a product with amazing attraction while providing deer with the minerals needed to support antler and body growth. Formulated in association with the Enzyme Experts at Dead Down Wind, Tink’s Boost73 supports digestion to get the maximum potential out of your food plots and feeds.

Tink’s Boost73 offers six irresistible, super-concentrated flavors for long range attraction:
• Fall Acorn
• Sugar Beet
• Sweet Corn
• Vanilla
• Ripe Persimmon
• Crisp Apple

Boost73 is the only all natural attractant that combines beneficial minerals that deer need with a digestive enzyme to help deer digest more efficiently!

Once ingested, the enzyme in Boost73 will stay in a deer’s digestive tract helping them pull additional nourishment they wouldn’t be able to get on their own! Simply pour Boost73 onto the ground or a stump, refresh every 2-3 weeks and watch your deer get stronger and healthier.

“Tink’s Boost73 is a real game changer,” said Chris Cobbett, Tink’s Director of Marketing. “The value is tremendous, as hunters will now be able to truly get the maximum benefit from their investment in food plots and supplemental feedings. Being the leader in deer lures and attractants, this was the perfect next step for us. The scientists over at Dead Down Wind did a great job of utilizing a natural enzyme that is scientifically proven to maximize digestion.  Boost73 attracts deer from a longer range with our powerful flavors, promotes a stronger herd with added minerals, aids in digestion of whatever food source you provide or is naturally available to it…it’s the perfect product!”

About Tink’s:
Tink’s has long been America’s #1 Buck Lure. Specializing in easy-to-use and effective lures, Tink’s brings in more than just big bucks as their comprehensive lineup includes food attractants, bear lures, hog lures, predator lures, elk and moose lures, cover scents, accessories and more. For more information on Tink’s complete line of products, hunting techniques and great success stories please visit or call 800-624-5988.

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