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HHA Tetra LRZ Stabilizer

HHA Sports, the leader in archery accuracy, brings new levels of adjustable accuracy with the new Tetra LRZ Stabilizer. Achieve perfect balance for repeatable performance for the hunt, on the range or in competition.

“We are the world leader in adjustable sight options for archers, and we wanted to create a stabilizer that offered the same ability to fine-tune your bow for the perfect shot,” said Scott Bakken, Director of Sales and Marketing for HHA Sports. “Many may not realize this, but HHA Sports launched a folding stabilizer in 1984 that brought the company into the archery business. A lot has changed since then, but the one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to producing the best accessories on the market.”

The Tetra LRZ Stabilizer was developed for hardcore archers who demand the ability to fine tune every aspect of their setups for maximum performance.

The Tetra LRZ is the most evolved stabilizer on the market. It features patented technology with internal and external dampening and gives the shooter the ability to micro adjust the overall length of the unit from 6- to 10-inches. This gives you the ability to achieve perfect balance with any bow, resulting in higher scores, greater confidence and more success in the field. Optional accessory weights, a side bar, a quick disconnect and a wrist sling are available, making a system that allows you to perfect your bow and tighten your groups.

As with all HHA Sports products, Each Tetra Stabilizer product carries a 100% lifetime warranty and is Made in the U.S.A.

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