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Easton 6.5MM

Hunting accuracy for shooter confidence is the cornerstone of Easton 6.5 arrows. The 6.5 uses the proprietary Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine process. Acu-Carbon is a continuous-fed, single-die manufacturing method that results in the most reliable tolerances and eliminates the need for the spine-alignment and weight sorting.

Easton’s Acu-Carbon production line produces the most consistent spine and weight from dozen to dozen and lot to lot – year in and year out. This benefits the bowhunter with truer flight and pinpoint accuracy in the field.

With unprecedented demand, Easton is running the 6.5 arrow production line 24/7 to fill dealer shelves nationwide. The Easton 6.5MM arrows are USA-made shafts that offer the highest level of accuracy available to bowhunters today all at price points to fit virtually any budget.

* Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine USA Manufacturing Process for the highest level of accuracy.
* Microlite Nocks – improves alignment and reduced weight.
* 6.5MM Inserts – 4X larger shoulder. Strengthens the broadhead/arrow interface and boosts F.O.C.
* Spine sizes: 250, 300, 340, 400, 500.
* MSRP starting at $44.99 per 6-pack fletched.

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