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Ravin R26 and R29

Innovation leader Ravin Crossbows once again redefines crossbow performance in 2019 with two new bows that put Ravin’s patented technologies to work in bows that measure just 26 inches and 29 inches in length. The flagship R26, measuring just 26 inches in length and 5.75 inches (axle-to-axle) when fully cocked, is the shortest and narrowest high-performance crossbow ever made.

While the size of the new bows will appeal to hunters looking for a more compact, maneuverable option, the R26 measuring 26” and R29 measuring 29” in length both deliver Ravin’s unprecedented downrange accuracy. The R26 fires a 400-grain arrow downrange at 400 FPS with pinpoint accuracy. The R29 delivers that same 400 grain arrow downrange at a blistering 430 FPS. Both bows continue to deliver on Ravin’s promise of 3-inch groups at 100 yards.

According to Velocity VP of Archery Product Development, Dayne Lester, “Nothing was sacrificed in developing the R26 and R29. We’re still seeing the same power and accuracy but from a lighter, smaller and more maneuverable platform. A side benefit of the shorter frame is a more tactical, capable feel, giving the shooter a more compact shooting form which helps with accuracy on offhand shots.”

R26 Specifications:
The new R26 is Ravin’s most compact and lightweight crossbow to date. Weighing in at only 6.5 pounds, the Ravin R26 generates speeds of 400 FPS from a 9.5-inch power stroke and measures just 26 inches in length. Ravin’s R26 axle-to-axle width is an amazing 5.75 inches when fully drawn – making the Ravin R26 the most compact crossbow on the market. The new R26 will be available in the new Predator Dusk Camo, exclusive to Ravin Crossbows. MSRP on the new R26 is $2,049.99.

R29 Specifications:
The new R29 is an incredible 5.5 inches shorter than the R20 and still delivers arrows at 430 FPS with a punishing 164-foot pounds of kinetic energy. Featuring a 12.5 inch power stroke, the Ravin R29 measures 29 inches in length and weighs 6.75 pounds. The Ravin R29 maintains its sleek design with an incredible axle-to-axle width of a mere 6 inches when fully drawn. The R29 will also be available solely in the new Predator Dusk Camo. MSRP on the new R29 is $2,549.99.

All Ravin Crossbows feature patented HeliCoil Technology. This technology coils the cables away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves, allowing the cams to rotate nearly 340 degrees.

Both cams remain perfectly level when drawing and shooting the crossbow, dramatically increasing accuracy.

The patented technology also eliminates the rail friction that other crossbows experience. Rail friction robs the arrow of speed and a consistent launch profile. Ravin’s Frictionless Flight System creates zero friction because the arrow floats above the rail. This Frictionless Flight System creates a quieter shot, improves string life while providing vane clearance for precise downrange accuracy.

Another Ravin exclusive feature is the Trac-Trigger Firing System. Operating in conjunction with HeliCoil technology, this built-in trigger mechanism slides forward on the rail clasping directly to the precise center of the string every time the bow is drawn, allowing for straight line nock travel and a perfectly balanced draw. The Trac-Trigger contains the automatically activated safety, anti-dry-fire mechanism and a match-grade trigger that pulls crisp and clean.

Cocking the Ravin is fast and easy with the patented Versa-Draw Cocking System. This compact, ambidextrous system is integrated into the stock and provides the ability for simple cocking and uncocking. No longer does a shooter have to fire the crossbow to un-cock it. The Versa-Draw cocking system requires just 12 pounds of draw force.

The new Ravin Crossbow packages come only in the new Predator Dusk Camo. These two new bows will join the current Ravin product lineup which includes the R10, R20 and R20 Sniper Package. These bows will continue to be available in Predator camouflage or Gunmetal Grey

All Ravin Crossbow packages (with the exception of the R20 Sniper Package) include:
• One fully-assembled/pre-tuned Ravin
• A specialized 100-yard illuminated Ravin scope
• Six Ravin arrows with exclusive Ravin nocks
• Ravin quiver & mounting bracket
• Versa-Draw cocking handle and built in cocking mechanism
• Six practice field points (100 Grain)
• Built-in sling mounts

The Ravin R20 Sniper Package includes all of the above but rather than the 100-yard illuminated Ravin scope, it includes a high quality 1-8x24 tactical scope mounted to a Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation Mount that can be adjusted easily anywhere between 20 and 200 yards. It also comes with a riser level and premium arrows for shooting perfection.

The new R26 and R29 will debut at Archery Trade Association show in January and be available at dealers in Spring 2019.

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