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With between 13,000 and 14,000 entries, Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records (BTR) is the nation’s most popular whitetail trophy record book. Click to search entries, explore big buck regions and enjoy antler heaven.

BB411 Blog

Big Buck 411 Blog

Better Afield Than Underfoot | By Mike Handley

Seventy-year-old Charles Wilde of Quenemo, Kan., has bowhunted for more than five decades. His favorite stand for 30 of those years hangs within a bottleneck on his 160-acre farm in Osage County. In 2012, Charles was targeting a photogenic 10-pointer he'd nicknamed Big 10, but he didn't ... READ MORE

Big Buck Tales

Scott Odenbrett Buck
Scott Odenbrett Buck

By Rusty Johnson

Try telling Ryan Odenbrett that life is fair. He wanted to go bowhunting on the cool gray afternoon of Oct. 20. He knew exactly which stand to visit, too. But the conflicted sophomore at Southern Missouri really needed every available hour... READ MORE

Jeff McCulley Buck
Jeff McCulley Buck

By Ed Waite

Jeff McCulley would’ve been elated to burn his 2009 buck tag on the wide and tall-tined 8-pointer that had given him the slip all season. It was the biggest he’d seen on the 25 acres for which he’d gained permission to hun... READ MORE

Travis Cockburn Buck
Travis Cockburn Buck

By Jason Hoffard

Travis Cockburn winced whenever he heard a gunshot during last November’s firearms season in Illinois. He, his brother and father weren’t the only hunters in Williamson County who knew a very large buck was hanging around their ... READ MORE

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Copyright 2015 by Buckmasters, Ltd