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Three for Three

Three for Three

By Mike Handley

Last year in Missouri, young deer hunters were able to hunt with rifles (with an accompanying adult) two weeks before the season opened for regular license-holders. Those days were Nov. 2 and 3.

Kasey Sheat’s three sons got ’er done in one day.

Opening morning, Kole shot a 4-pointer and Konner shot a doe, ensuring their father would have a busy afternoon in the barn. Son Kaden, the eldest at 11 years old, went out with Paw-Paw Kevin Sheat, on the man’s 80-acre farm.

They saw no action that morning, although the boy glimpsed a buck before legal shooting light. Convinced the afternoon would be better, they returned to the farm after a midday break, heading for the same pop-up blind that sat atop a 6-foot-tall platform.

Kevin’s property is bordered by CRP land. The weeds and bushes are from waist- to chest-high.

Kaden was carrying his grandfather’s 39-year-old Remington Model 700, with which he’s taken several deer.

During the last hour of the day, Kaden spotted two bucks and a doe approaching. One of the antlered deer was a giant.

It was only 40 yards from them at one point, but a screen of brush prevented the young hunter from taking a shot. The deer was at 140 yards when Kaden was finally able to squeeze the .243’s trigger.

This Show Me State stud is Kaden’s third buck ever (his sixth deer in five years). It has not yet been measured.

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