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Hold the Onions

Hold the Onions

By Bob Humphrey

Watch what you eat to help reduce your odor footprint.

QUESTION: Are there certain foods I should avoid while deer hunting? I’ve heard onions and other foods can actually release scent through your pores. What do you think?

ANSWER: Certain things like coffee and asparagus are know to produce foul-smelling urine. Eating some foods, like onions and garlic can cause your perspiration to smell like those foods. It then becomes a question of how deer react to those odors.

Vanilla and anise are foreign odors, but some hunters use them as attractants. Onions and leeks grow wild in some areas, and not in others. The bottom line is: Anything you can do to reduce human or foreign odors while hunting is more likely to work in your favor, and that includes avoiding potent-smelling foods.

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