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How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite
Snakes may be the most misunderstood wildlife, no matter what part of the country you call home.  A high percentage of people are both fascinated by and fearful of snakes. While not all snakes are venomous, you should take caution when outsi...

Pittsburg Eaglets Ready To Fly
During the third week in June, the oldest of three new bald eagles should fledge—fly from the nest—nearly 12 weeks after the first egg hatched. As summer settles in, leaf growth surrounds the 6 to 8 foot wide nest. A bird’s-eye view into the nest’s a...

Summer Grillmasters!
Now that summer has officially arrived, many of our Buckmasters members are firing up the grills and using up what remains of last season’s venison tenderloins.

No Sandbags Required
I am very fortunate in that my wife and I own our own real estate business, which means I get to spend a lot of time deer hunting. My wife says she doesn't get to spend any time with me from November to mid-January. It helps, too, that we special...

King of the Hill
Last September, my wife changed my computer screensaver to read, “Tim, you are awesome and I hope you score big on your hunt this year! Love you, SK.” So when the alarm buzzed at 4:30 a.m. on the cool, crisp morning of Oct. 28, 2005, I was confide...

When In Rome
If you try to manage deer on a lease, sooner or later you’ll run across a slightly abnormal whitetail. What should you do?

One for the Can
-- Three generations of my family hunt on my father’s farm — my father, myself and my son. Until Ohio’s 2013-14 deer season arrived, none of us were aware of the huge, 196 1/8 inch buck with the 25 1/2-inch spread that my father would take before ...

Are You Using Too Much Scope?
Winter was setting in along the Utah-Colorado border. It was two days before Thanksgiving, and I was slogging slowly through a foot of snow blanketing the Dolores Triangle. I’d drawn a late-season permit for the area. Hunting had been spotty here ...

Poor Man's Rangefinder
As a father of four, finding time to hunt, let alone the money, can be quite difficult at times. Although the kids will eventually be old enough to stay at home on their own, the expense of hunting will never get easier.

Hunter Hotline
Prior to last November, Derek Thompson had pretty much convinced himself that seeing or shooting a big buck wasn't going to happen where he hunts in Ross County, Ohio. Truth be told, he wasn't having much luck with little bucks either. A busy sig...

2015 Yamaha Viking VI
Yamaha Announces All-New 2015 Viking VI Side-by-Side - Room for Six with Yamaha Performance and Durability; Assembled in USA 

Everybody Loves a Nut
The arrival of fall brings some welcome entrées for residents of the deer woods. That’s when acorns, beechnuts and other mast, hard and soft, mature and eventually drop to the ground, providing a nutritious change of diet for deer about to enter t...

Is a Bean Just a Bean?
You can buy generic food plot seed, but do you really want to grow something not developed just for deer?

Caldwell Introduces the Mag Charger
Simply put, the Caldwell AR Mag Charger revolutionizes the way ammo is handled and loaded into AR-15 magazines. It is designed to accept 50 loaded rounds directly from any common 50 round ammo manufacturer box or from aftermarket 50 round plastic ...

Uncle James
-- My oldest niece Briley, an eager 8-year old, had begged to go hunting with me for several years. After weeks of discussion and planning, the time finally arrived for her first trip. Still not comfortable enough with a rifle to hunt, she was ex...

Zeroing a Riflescope
Every year as the hunting season approaches, neighbors and friends start dropping by my house for assistance sighting their rifles. This occurs quite often not only because I have a range but also due to the fact that many hunters don’t know how t...

Five Hundred Reasons
Faced with enduring the constant belching of diesels and smell of dirt and fuel, most deer hunters would've thrown their trucks into reverse and left in their own cloud of dust - the sanctity of "prime time" ruined. Ben Spanjers thought about lea...

Zipper Fixer Upper
Have you ever had a cold weather jumpsuit, an article of hunting clothing or a piece of equipment that had to be thrown out because of the poor quality of the zipper?

What's Up With the G?
Did you ever wonder what the mysterious “G” stood for when you were reading about a buck’s antler points?

How To Approach Downed Game
In spite of what you might see on hunting shows, there are some very serious dos and don’ts when it comes to approaching a deer, or any wild animal, that you presume to be dead. The first rule is to approach the deer from downwind. If it is still...
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