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Born to Wander
Hunters have long been under the impression that white-tailed deer are relative homebodies, living their lives in a square mile or so of fields and woodlands on or near their birth places. Not so, suggests an ongoing study of deer travels being mo...

All in the Family
-- I’ve been hunting with my dad, Eric Jenderny, since I was old enough to walk. He taught me what his dad taught him about hunting. His best friend Bruce Rogers also taught me a lot about hunting, so what I’ve learned about deer and hunting, I ow...

The Bad News Buck
For my dad, getting up early on a cold morning, layering himself in camouflage and then sitting in a deer stand or duck blind rates right up there with breathing. He lives for (and because of) it! Half his wardrobe is camo, and I guarantee that he g...

Curiosity Killed the Buck
In my home state of Missouri, it is currently illegal to use bait for hunting deer or wild turkey. But I’ve figured out another way to attract them that’s perfectly legal, and it will work anywhere.

Diet Shifts
I thought my first attempt at a food plot was a dismal failure. It was late October, the deer had barely touched the crop, and I was beginning to think I’d wasted my time and money. I had, after all, committed the cardinal sin of not testing and t...

The ABCs of QDM
Take the long view to start a QDM program, and look at year-round nutrition, sex ratios, habitat components, nutritional needs and finally, food plots.

ELITE Archery Introduces 2015 Bows
Elite Archery continues to define shootability with the new for 2015 SYNERGY™ and VICTORY™ Bows.

Two Sons, Two Bucks
-- After two days spent hunting with my kids and seeing their successes in the woods, my mind was replaying the moments we’d shared. It’s amazing to see kids’ faces light up with pride after their hunts, and it’s something I’ll never forget. The ...

If you Climb It, They Will Come
It's probably safe to say that no climber manufacturer has ever advertised a treestand as being a deer magnet. Perhaps they should. Consider the testimony of Bill Collins, a senior analyst for the U.S. Army, whose going-away present for his rece...

The Cure for 'Rut Hands'
When I think back to the time I shot and field dressed my first buck — nearly 35 years ago — I can still remember the frustrations of trying to get the stink off my hands.

Hunting Handgun Hall of Fame
Leaving the tent before dawn, I headed toward a heavily used deer trail I’d found the previous day. My feet crunched through 15 inches of snow that had fallen during the night. Instead of the .308 carbine I usually carried, I wore a Ruger Super Bl...

To be a successful bowhunter, I’ve always held on to this theory: The more time you spend in the animal’s environment, the more you’ll learn about the animal, its habitat and even about yourself. This is especially true each time you encounter a w...

Every Trophy Has a Story
Your fellow hunters want to hear your deer tale. Send us your story and we’ll send you a great Buck knife!

Hunter or Hiker? Wear blaze orange!
Every fall, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts make a fashion statement when they don a bright, blaze orange article of clothing before they head outdoors to hunt or hike. Fluorescent orange hats, vests or jackets make you highly visible, one of seve...

Spotlighting Arizona's black-footed ferrets
During October, workers and volunteers with the Arizona Game and Fish Department will be looking for—and counting—an elusive nocturnal carnivore, the black-footed ferret. Because the ferret is almost strictly nocturnal, the means to document them,...

Tracking Clubber Nine
-- Finally, after 81 hours in the stand, I arrowed a buck I’d named Clubber Nine on Dec. 3, 2011. I’d seen him on my trail camera since October. He was distinctive with an impressive body and a right rear foot that apparently had been broken at so...

Backyard Buck: Lost and Found
It all started with a new hire, Mark, whose desk faces mine. As we came to know one another, our conversations ranged from work, fishing and boating to hunting. Mark had bought a house on the outskirts of Winona Lake, Ind., less than half a mile ...

2-D Man Decoys
As an avid bowhunter, I'll use every trick in the book, no matter how crazy, to fool a deer's senses. This particular tip will help deceive their eyes.

Solunar Tables
What does our Buckmasters biologist think of sun/moon charts for predicting deer activity? What do you think? Do you pay attention to game activity charts?

Gamo Outdoor USA
 Gamo launches new 'Varmint Hunter' airgun.
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