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Give Rain the Boot
Last spring Missouri's turkey season was an unusually wet one. Two days in particular, it poured heavily all day. I am a bit of a diehard turkey hunter, so I stayed out in the downpour.

Hindsight is 177 4/8
For the last 18 years, my passion has been hunting deer in northwest Kansas’ Rooks County. And with access to about 8,000 acres of state-owned and managed hunting lands, plus about 2,000 acres of private property, I have plenty of choices. For th...

Something Missing
While antler oddities can be caused by missing or malformed reproductive organs, such a condition doesn’t always affect a buck’s rack.

First of Many
-- I’ve had a lot of firsts in the past eight months, so after I caught my first 20-pound king salmon, shot my first 8-point buck with a bow, took my first doe with a bow, and my first doe with a muzzleloader, naturally I expressed desire to shoot...

Keep Wildlife Wild
With the arrival of spring, many species of wildlife are giving birth to their young. Finding young wildlife can be exciting, but in most cases, even if the animal appears abandoned, the mother is not far away. If you encounter young wildlife – ev...

H-S Precision's Tack Driver
I don’t know how many gun-related articles I’ve read over the past five decades that used Col. Townsend Whelen’s “Only-accurate-rifles-are-interesting” quote in the lead sentence, but there’s been a bunch of ’em. Heck, I’ve probably used it a half...

Annual, historic NH moose lottery
-- Want to hunt moose in New Hampshire this fall? The deadline for entering the New Hampshire moose hunt lottery is May 30, 2014.   It costs just $15 for residents and $25 for nonresidents to enter the lottery for one of 124 permits to be iss...

Gamo Outdoor USA
Announces its participation in the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits. Booth #5867

One Handed Fog-lifter
Even though I live in the Deep South where it’s often too warm for gloves during rifle season, I wear a lightweight cotton glove on my right hand (because I’m right handed) no matter how hot it is when I go hunting.

So Bad He Could Taste It
“Jake, wait,” Greg Fredericks told the 7-year-old who was about to shoot his first deer. “There’s something else coming.”Telling the boy not to shoot was akin to stopping a ravenous person from biting into a double cheeseburger already in his mout...

The 10% Rule
Most deer hunters harvest wall-worthy bucks only occasionally. Even then, it’s most often a case of being in the right place at the right time. A few hunters, however, seem to have discovered the secret to the big-buck program. At most, they make ...

ScentBlocker's Guide to Spring Turkey
The old tom came in silent, and neither of us made a sound until I coaxed one obligatory gobble out of him. That was the last sound that bird ever made. I didn’t want the season to pass without hearing at least one sweet call of spring. Turkeys c...

Are All Persimmons Equal?
If you’re thinking about planting persimmons, get a variety that’s right for where you live.

Brewsees Camo Sunglasses
Brewsees Eyewear, the innovative company that offers sunglasses that multi-function as beer bottle openers, has partnered with Realtree to create the new Brewsees 12 Gauge line of camo sunglasses.

Follow In My Footsteps, Mom
-- “Follow in my footsteps, Mom.” This was one of the umpteen gazillion instructions I received from my 14-year-old son, Billy Horne, during my hunting inauguration, along with don’t sneeze, breathe, sniff, cough or basically exist for the next f...

Muzzleloader Lessons
Northwestern Kansas is crop country. To the drive-by observer, it’s nothing but flat, tilled fields of corn, milo and wheat stretching from horizon to horizon. What you don’t easily see are the canyons, bluffs and rolling hills hidden amongst that...

Safety Harness Deer Drag
Have you ever shot a deer that took off running and died in a place so inaccessible you couldn’t even get to it with an ATV?

To Move or Not to Move...
As soon as he spotted the 10-pointer, Josh Taylor suspected the beefy Illinois whitetail was not going to cooperate. “Yet again,” grumbled the nagging voice in his cerebellum, “your refusal to move your stand closer to the big ditch is going to cos...

Be a Doe Master
I heard them before I saw them — hasty footsteps rattling on the dry leaves like hail stones pinging off a tin roof. Three deer broke cover at 250 yards and raced across the open bog. A quick check through the binoculars showed none sported antler...

Better Than Oaks?
If you still haven’t heard about the return of the American chestnut, you’re not the only one.
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