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How To End a Season
-- Every hunting season since I was 2 years old, my dad and I have traveled from our home in Niceville, Fla., to Macon County, Alabama. It had been four years since I was able to take a nice buck worthy of mounting. This year I had a new gun hand...

Train Your Dog to Find Sheds
Now that I have trained my young Labrador Retriever to find sheds, I look forward to my time in the woods at the end of deer season.

Jousting with one antler
Two years ago we noticed some type of defect within our deer population when a guest shot a buck that had antler growth on only one side.

Five Steps to Early season Success
Most deer hunters regard the early season as that time of year to shoot does or scout for the buck they want to chase during the pre-rut and rut. Some don’t even bother to hunt because of the heat or insects. There is nothing you can do about the ...

Try Before You Buy: New Concept in Gun Shows
Finding the right firearms for hunting or personal defense would be easier if we could do more than just handle them at glass counters in retail stores, perhaps dry-firing them to test the trigger where allowed. Unfortunately, new guns don’t lend ...

From Sinkhole to Cloud Nine
-- On a cold and frosty Sunday morning, Nov. 3, 2013, I decided to hunt one of my favorite stands about 40 yards from the edge of a half-picked, Indiana cornfield. I was aloft 20 minutes before dawn. Shortly after daybreak, I decided to start thi...

New Hides for Old Guns
Those of us who can remember when the uniform of most deer hunters was the “Pennsylvania Tuxedo” (a Woolrich red plaid jacket) are a bit astounded at today’s universal acceptance of camo pattern clothing and gear. Even more mind boggling is the a...

Roarin' Closes the Deal
Robert Eccles had the presence of mind to set his clock back an hour on Halloween night in 2009, but he didn't make the daylight-saving-to-standard-time adjustment with his alarm, which was still set for 6 a.m. It should've been set for 5:00. Al...

Inexpensive Snow Suit
I live in Washington state where there's a 100 percent chance it will snow during the late season. My tip should help hunters in other states when it snows, even those who hunt in the Deep South because snowstorms sometimes stray into Alabama, Texas ...

Has the rut kicked in?
Peak rut and peak breeding times are not universal; they’re consistent and vary by location. Observation and effort will make you a true student of the whitetail rut.

Daniel Boone Buck
The Daniel Boone National Forest surrounds my home in Kentucky, and I’ll be the first to tell you there is nothing easy about hunting it. The Forest is located along the Cumberland Plateau in the Appalachian Foothills of eastern Kentucky and has m...

Muley Mission
-- In August of 2009, my hunting buddy Larry asked me to scout a new area we hadn’t hunted before. We took my truck and set off to the well-known G-2 big buck area in Wyoming. When we arrived, Tre Heiner of Double Diamond Outfitters, our guide, h...

Gator Tail Jambalaya
A few years ago, my youngest brother, Darryl Martin, drew a gator tag and took an 8 1⁄2-footer in South Georgia. He was looking for ways to cook the big lizard, so he gave me several bags of gator tail to try in various recipes. Jambalaya was my firs...

A twofer for triplets
Combine exceptional nutrition with good genes and you’ve got the ideal mix to see a doe produce fawn triplets more than once.

Mathews Launches 2 New Bows
Mathews introduces new ground-breaking NO CAM ST™ Technology.

Buck in the 'Burbs
Scott Esker and his twin brother, Steve, hunt seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. When not carrying a bow, they're packing a camera. "We scout every day as we go about our jobs, and every evening throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter," Sc...

Field Test Before D-Day
Whether you are a bowhunter or gunhunter, make sure to wear the same clothes and use the same gear you will be hunting with. This will prevent problems before the moment of truth arrives.

Buck in the Hand
To get a jump on the expected weekend warriors, Jerry Gibson of Petal, Miss., drove to his Newton County hunting camp on Friday, Oct. 5. The 2001 bow season had opened the previous Monday, but the real crowd wouldn’t be afield until Saturday and S...

The Case for a Good Gun Case
Sitting in a window seat on a 737 jet, I casually watched two luggage tractors heading toward the plane, each pulling a wagon loaded with duffle bags and suitcases from various connecting flights. Suddenly, a gun case that had been teetering atop ...

Cactus Ugly
-- When I climbed into my treestand in Screven County, Ga., on Nov. 17, 2012, I couldn’t have predicted my hunt would end by taking a buck with one of the most unusual set of antlers I’ve ever seen. I’d been sitting in my stand about 30 minutes wh...
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