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Entries for August 2013

Nationwide's Gas Saving Tips
In the last two years, average U.S. gas prices have risen from just over $3 per gallon to about $3.60, according to That's a lot to shell out for driving, so many Americans are looking to save any way they can.

Strange Turkey Toe!
Bob, I shot this gobbler in Stantonsburg, North Carolina. Have you ever seen toenails like this on a turkey?

BBD (Bama Buck Down!)
-- Tuesday, December 14, 2009, started out like many days for Keith Maddox, rising before 5 a.m. to go hunting. Little did he know that what he'd see later that day would dominate his every thought for the next 17 days. The rut was in its early s...

Expo and ACES
As people started to fill the Montgomery Convention Center for the 2013 Buckmasters Expo recently, Jackie Bushman sat upstairs and wondered why it took so long to put two and two together.That simple arithmetic concerned the alliance recently comp...

Why Not a Wildcat?
Many historians would like us to believe that the Golden Age of Wildcatting was the 1920s and ’30s, but don’t you believe it. It’s now! Back in those days, only a handful of basic cases could be used to form wildcat cartridges; today there are lit...

Overlooked Delicacy
Backstraps and tenderloins are popular cuts of deer meat, but I never hear anyone talking about my favorite piece of the deer, venison flat iron steak.

I'm Only Seeing Small Bucks
For years I've only been seeing small bucks in my area, with only an occasional mature buck. Should I find a better hunting spot, or should I stick it out?

No More Pickin' on Paula
-- Back when my husband Craig and I were dating, my future father-in-law and I would aggravate each other to death, especially about hunting. Back then I'd never killed anything bigger than an insect. When we'd visit Craig's dad Tim he was always,...

The Best Hog Hunt Ever
I had been on the job as director of chapter development for the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation for just over two months when I got a call from South Carolina resident Sherry Tobin about our Project Venison program. Being new to the position...

Not Hunting = Great Hunting (sort of)
Throughout my years in the hunting industry and nearly forty years of hunting experience, I've met some incredibly wise hunters. I've learned a thing or two from listening to and observing certain successful people.

Trail Camera MFOs
Bob, one of my co-workers captured these baffling and ghostly-looking photos on his Wildgame Innovations trail camera this summer.

Gamo Teams With Joker Knives
Gamo Outdoor USA and Joker Hunting Knives of Spain have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the USA market. Gamo Outdoor USA will distribute the Joker brand in the USA market, marketing a diverse portfolio of hunting and tactical knives.

The Ghost of the County
-- I've only been a bowhunter for two seasons, and last year I successfully harvested my career-best buck, a 10-pointer. This season I was successful again, but with a totally different type of trophy buck. My father and I had watched a beautiful ...

Welcome back, Wood Storks!
While driving near her Alabama home last fall, wildlife biologist Carrie B. Johnson saw a flock of large black and white birds flying over the interstate. At first glance, she thought she was looking at egrets, a common wading bird found througho...

O Tannenbaum Grindings
This year I received a Buckmasters Tip of the Week about using pine needles as a cover scent. This reminded me of an inexpensive tactic I've used for a couple of seasons now.

Hey, I Know That Buck!
Peering through his slug gun’s scope, Alan Cramer silently prayed for a clear shot at the gimpy buck with a rack full of extras. So enchanted by the forked points, kickers and drop tines, he never once considered that he’d crossed paths with the s...

WV conducting deer spotlight surveys
From West Virginia Division of Natural Resources -- During August and September, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Section will again conduct spotlight surveys throughout 36 counties to evaluate deer population de...

Gamo Unveils WHISPER Pellet
Gamo Outdoor USA, will release a premium pellet as the new addition to its very successful pellet family. Dubbed "The Quiet Pellet", this heavyweight hunting pellet is essential for hunters to achieve maximum energy and quietness.

Deer at the Bird Feeder
I live in central Florida and have deer constantly showing up at my bird feeder to eat, most noticeably at night in the month of June. Is bird seed safe for them to eat?

The Horse of Muskingum County
-- "It was getting late and Dad just plopped down on his bucket to wait." That's the way Bob Hermen's son, Ken, began describing his father's hunt for the true monster buck that people had seen prowling a little corner of Ohio for at least three d...
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