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Entries for July 2013

Polarizing the Deer Woods
As a longtime fisherman, I've discovered that a piece of my standard fishing equipment is very useful in certain hunting situations. Several years ago, while guiding my son on a deer hunt, we had difficulty seeing into the brushy woods due to the h...

Getting the Green Light (TWICE) for a Trophy
I was born in 1945 and have been deer hunting since whitetails were introduced in the northwest portion of Louisiana in the late 1950s. We typically hunt family property where we maintain annual food plots and have had plenty of success in procuri...

Deer Camp Diaries
One of the predictable joys of the annual deer camp is the sharing of buck tales, stories from yesterday and today written for posterity’s sake in the camp logbook or revived as each year’s hunt takes shape. Whether in a remote, mountain country d...

Deer in the Headlights
We often drive the back roads looking for deer at night. We've seen plenty in our headlights and even more when shining the fields. I've always wondered, why do their eyes shine in headlights, but not a human's?

Letter to an Airman
-- Dear Ryan, I SHOT MY FIRST DEER THIS WEEKEND! So heres what happened, first, we saw a six point then, we saw two does one bigger than the other. I told my dad I was nervous but he said, "Get back down there and shoot that deer." So I got down and ...

Stalking Rifles
When I finally became old enough to hunt deer, my favorite uncle took me under his wing. Making dry camp on a sagebrush-covered hilltop, we waited for opening day to begin. It was still full dark when he nudged me awake. “Bring your rifle, cantee...

Vanilla on the Rocks?
Many deer hunters have caught on to how effective vanilla is as a curiosity and cover scent. Vanilla-based sprays can be expensive, so I started making my own.

Wanna Shoot in Top Bow?
Come test your skills on the most challenging, prestigious and exciting 3D archery course in the world. Hurry to register, because only a few slots remain for the 2013 Buckmasters Top Bow World Championship!

Sexual Maturity in Bucks
At what age do bucks reach sexual maturity? And can a fawn go into the rut?

Bear of a Different Flavor
-- My quest for a color phase black bear began about three years ago. This came after I'd harvested my third standard colored black bear. I'm always up for the challenge of something different, so with three black bears to my name, this was the y...

NASP world championship sees record double participation
When 2,907 archers from 22 states and 2 Canadian provinces met June 29 for the 2013 NASP® World Championship, it was the third largest archery tournament next to the Kentucky state tournament with 4,250 students and the 2013 NASP® National Tournam...

The Stick in the Eye
I recently read Buckmasters Tip of the Week about how flashlights save lives. This reminded me of something that happened to me last year while walking to my treestand in the dark.

Fence Envy
Brownsville, Tenn., deer hunter Vance Holmes began the morning of Nov. 26, 2005, like most – unsure what the day’s hunt would bring. His nephew Eric Holmes was tagging along. Eric, who was visiting from Richmond, Ind., had never been deer hunting...

Bob-tailed Deer
Bob, I've noticed over the past couple of years that a few of the bucks roaming my property in Eastern Pennsylvania have short, stubby tails.

Will Primos' Cheesy Chicken Chili
I've put my own spin on this recipe using red meat from wild game. I've found substituting deer or elk for chicken works great. Although it won't be white chili anymore, you can use backstraps for a wonderful variation. Slice the backstrap as thin...

Tennessee Roller Coaster Ride
-- This trip with my 11-year-old grandson, Kruz, didn't start out like the previous five years. This year was different and we both knew it. Both of us were filled with anticipation of a successful hunting trip, of bringing home antlers or at least...

Non-resident military can purchase NC license at resident rates
From North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission -- Effective July 1, military personnel who are not residents of North Carolina can purchase a short-term or annual hunting, trapping or fishing license at resident prices.

Free Mathews DVD!
Watch as Lee Lakosky, Pat Reeve, Stan Potts, Tom Miranda and more put the all new Mathews Creed to the test in 18 exciting hunts on the 2013 Mathews DVD!

Break-Open Muzzleloaders
The most beautiful rifles to ever grace the American landscape were built by immigrant Germans who were mistakenly called “Pennsylvania Dutch.” When asked by area residents what nationality they were, these grand masters said, Deutch — German — wh...

Look Out Behind You!
We've all hunted stand locations where deer will approach from any direction. It's incredibly difficult to monitor several areas at once, especially if a trail is directly behind you.
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