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Entries for May 2011

Board sets 2011-12 seasons, changes some regulations
From the Missouri Department of Conservation -- Missouri’s Conservation Commission approved the 2011-12 seasons and regulations during its May 26 and 27 meeting:

Maine plans controlled moose hunt in Aroostook County
From the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife -- For the third consecutive year, a controlled moose hunt is planned for Aroostook County to address farmers' concerns about crop depredation and high incidences of moose/vehicle collisions...

Whitetail's Hearing Compared To Humans
Could you tell me how a deer’s hearing is compared to a humans? I have heard that it is better, but not that much better, than ours. Also, do deer get used to certain noises? — Tommy

Arrow Spine Rules
Just the other day, I shot a dozen arrows of an unfamiliar brand to check their performance at 50 yards. That’s a good distance for practicing, because it makes traditional whitetail distances seem like chip shots. When you practice regularly at this...

NJ harvest totals released for black bears
From the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife -- New Jersey has announced final results of the 2010 black bear hunting season Dec. 6 to 11, which was held concurrently with the 6-day firearm deer season open in the area north of Rt. I-78 and wes...

Wisconsin elk expanding range, with help from their friends
From the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources -- This is the calving season for Wisconsin's small but growing elk herd, and DNR biologists and a small army of volunteers are busy searching the woods for newborns.

Women can learn outdoor skills at BOW workshop
From the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission -- A Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop will be held Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 at the State 4-H Camp at the Bessey Ranger District of the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey.

No Need for Big Guns
Sometimes, amid the never-ending volley of new wonder cases and cartridges being thrown at us, we lose track of the realities of the hunt. It all boils down to a moment in time when we send a single chunk of copper and lead downrange with one obje...

July 31 deadline to apply for Ohio controlled deer hunts
From the Ohio Department of Natural Resources -- Hunters seeking to participate in Ohio's fall controlled deer and waterfowl hunts have until July 31 to submit permit applications for a random drawing. The special hunts are held on selected public a...

It's Time To Put Your Buck To Bed
Knowing where deer bed down for the day is one of the keys to finding the right place to set up a stand. Unfortunately, you can really mess up your hunting chances if you disturb a bedding area any time close to hunting season.

Twelve Years in the Taking
Shawn Greathouse sat at the Colorado Bow Association's 1993 annual dinner. During the course of the awards banquet came the presentations for the "Colorado Big 8" that includes elk, pronghorn, mule deer, whitetails, mountain goat, mountain lion, b...

Sponsor sign-up open for Wisconsin disabled deer hunts
From the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources -- Landowners interested in sponsoring a deer hunt for disabled hunters are reminded of the June 1 deadline for applications. The disabled hunt is Oct. 1 to 9.

Idaho reduces deer controlled hunt tags
From Idaho Fish and Game -- Fish and Game officials have updated information on mule deer population status and over-winter survival, which shows high fawn mortality in some areas of southern Idaho.

Applications for antlerless big game permits accepted June 1
From the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources -- Hunters  won't have to juggle a printed guidebook and a website when to apply for a cow elk, doe deer or doe pronghorn hunting permit.

Food Plots and Wet Soil Conditions
Is there a food plot plant that will grow in a wet grassy area that doesn’t flood? I would like to remove the grass and start a food plot in a one-acre area just outside of a swamp that has moist ground most of the year. — Matthew W.

Never Give Up
-- I am sure there are thousands of stories that give you that “ultimate” advice: Never give up! This is my story. The 2005 Pennsylvania deer hunting season came in as usual. It was the end of October, and I was in a tree stand hunting deer with ...

Brown Velvet
There was no need for my guide, Richard, to speak. I knew it and so did he. Experience told me to follow close on his heels, walk when he walked, stop when he stopped. No need to look around or ahead. He would be the eyes, and when the time came, ...

Arizona super hunts, super cheap with $25 raffle ticket
From the Arizona Game and Fish Commission -- A $25 raffle ticket could produce an Arizona Game and Fish Commission special big game permit for elk or bighorn.

Arkansas approves resident lifetime military licenses
From the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission -- Several new resident military retiree and resident disabled military veteran licenses and permits have been approved by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The new licenses will be available July 1...

Louisiana increases alligator hunt opportunities
From the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries -- In an effort to increase alligator harvest opportunities, Louisiana will conduct alligator lottery hunts on four Coastal and Nongame Resources (CNR) Division Wildlife Management Areas (WM...
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