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Entries for March 2013

Post-Rut Buck Fight?
Will bucks fight at times other than the rut or when they are competing for does?

Golden Moose Awards Special!
Don't miss the Golden Moose Awards on Outdoor Channel, as well as exciting red carpet interviews with outdoor celebrities on their website. Don't miss the Golden Moose Awards on Outdoor Channel, as well as exciting red carpet interviews with outdo...

For the Love of Longbeards
-- I've always been a little selfish with turkeys. I don't allow just anyone to take one of these amazing creatures off my property. But when my little brother, Austin, called and asked to hunt, I couldn't say no, but I had stipulations. I let hi...

Indiana's Buckslinger
I have been hunting since I was a child. I harvested my first deer in November 1987 at the age of 21. The deer was a beautiful mainframe 10-pointer that grossed 1694/8 inches. That was my first year to hunt with a handgun, and I've hunted with a r...

My Five Steps to a Big Buck!
1. Locate several areas with good deer sign in spring and summer months, and especially just after hunting season ends, but don't hang a stand yet.

Feeder Settings
I recently bought a new feeder with four programmable time settings telling it when to go off. I'm currently only using two: 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. My goal is to capture daylight photos of the deer. Are those the best feeding times to get the daylight ...

Buck! Buck! Buck!
-- My 10-year-old son Dylan and I love to go deer hunting. We cherish the time we spend together outdoors, and the 2012 season was no exception. Dylan and I had already experienced successful seasons together in years past, and for several months...

Call Loudly!
To make noise of any kind goes against the nature of hunting, because remaining silent at all costs is ingrained into every hunter's mind since the day we made our first trip into the deer woods.

Bayou Bunnies Beat the Blues
I always get the blues when deer season ends. It's too cold to fish in early February and my stack of unattended honeydoos has grown into a mountain since October. This season, I decided to beat the blues by taking advantage of Alabama's February...

ND deer gun season numbers rise
From North Dakota Game and Fish Department -- 
North Dakota deer hunters took approximately 34,500 deer during the 2012 deer gun hunting season, indicating their success rate improved.  However, Randy Kreil, wildlife chief, said this past se...

The End of an Era
One of the positive aspects of growing old is gaining a more informed perspective on current events. Modern musicians are turning out some good stuff, but it doesn’t hold a candle to singers and songwriters of the ’60s and ’70s in terms of origina...

Small Property QDM
I'm a member of a small hunting club in Jones County, Georgia. Our property consists of two 400-acre parcels.

Gamo Unveils New Whisper Fusion Pro!
Gamo Outdoor USA, has launched "The Quietest Quiet Gun" air rifle on the market with the release of the new Whisper Fusion Pro line in 2013.

Thank You, Sweetheart!
-- As a young boy, I chased the dream of harvesting a giant whitetail buck in my home state of Ohio. On November 30, 2010, that dream came true. I'd watched one particular buck grow from the time it was a juvenile. At first, its rack was just like...

Overbrowsing and How To Fight It
There are many things that can ruin a food plot, but overbrowsing, one of the most common, is somewhat controllable. If a plot is otherwise healthy, overbrowsing occurs when there isn’t enough food to satisfy resident deer. When there are too many ...

Cool Shooting Tools
Part of a serious shooter’s DNA is do-it-yourself creativity. Scratching that itch takes tools — good ones. Here are seven of the most useful ones in my shooting collection. 1) Frankford Electronic Caliper — As an early blackpowder shooter, I sto...

March 2013 B.O.W. Women's Event
The 37th bi-annual B.O.W. (Becoming an Outdoors-Woman) event recently took place at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, Alabama. On the weekend of March 1, 2013, the event brought together an array of women who share a passion for the outdoors. The...

Watching Eagles
This spring, people interested in American Bald Eagles are seeing an interesting, true to nature life lesson as a pair of nesting bald eagles are being observed on an eagle cam. The video camera watching the nesting pair went live Feb. 5. It was ...

Carabiners: Not Just for Hikers
Most white-tailed deer hunters have hunted from a treestand or elevated blind at some point in their careers. If we are hunting safely, we use a strong rope to pull up our bow, firearms and backpacks.

The Spotted Buck
A couple years ago I captured a trail cam photo of a 1 1/2-year-old buck that still had its spots. I never saw it again until the first day of the 2012 Pennsylvania rifle season.
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