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Entries for December 2013

Glow Stick Trail Marker
When trailing a deer after the sun goes down, it’s often very difficult to keep up with a blood trail using only a flashlight or lantern.

Take Advantage of Annual Scrapes
Bob, does it mean anything significant when ground scrapes are found in the same places year after year?

Determination, Flip Flops and a Muzzleloader
-- I'm a 28-year-old homegrown Kansas girl who rarely gets time to hunt. This might seem a little strange since my husband Josh and I are in the outfitting business, our seventh year, in fact. But as the busy mother of two boys, Easton and Wyatt, ...

Body Language Tells Tales
When a deer approaches a treestand or steps onto a food plot, the inexperienced hunter's instinct is to shoot it before it gets away, even if it's not a trophy buck.

Hodgdon to Release 2014 Manual
Hodgdon, The Brand that’s True, presents the 2014 Annual Manual. Reloaders have long considered this book to be their go-to reloading resource. This manual is expanded to 170 pages of Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester brand powder and reloading informati...

Do Deer See Blue?
Do deer see the color blue, yes or no? Please, no extra info on eyes or pigments, just a simple yes or no. My UTV is bright blue!

Don't Tell Dad...Yet
-- Each fall my dad Art League takes a hunting trip somewhere in the Midwest or Texas. I’ve been to Kansas with him twice, but the years I haven’t gone, I’ve been very successful back here in North Carolina. In fact, on Dad’s first Kansas trip fou...

Mission Archery Announcement
Exciting news from Mission Archery comes on the heels of Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker officially passing legislation to allow hunters of all legal ages and physical abilities lawfully able to use crossbows during regular archery deer hunting...

Do-It-Yourself Swivel Stool
Here’s an easy-to-make and very comfortable hunting seat. It’s lightweight, portable, swivels and is a good height for just about anyone.

NSSF Reaches 10,000-Member Milestone
Membership in the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF) has topped 10,000, an all-time high for the trade association of the firearms industry.

The New Year's Buck
It had been another fruitless deer season, even though I had spent the entire summer scouting and patterning a tremendous buck in the swamp woodlot behind my house. My obsession with it had begun when I stumbled onto a monstrous shed while tracki...

Once a Spike, Always a Spike
Bob, so you know of any data supporting the notion that once a buck is a spike, it would likely always a spike?

Off of the Sidelines
-- I readily admit, I grew up in a non-hunting family and had always considered myself an animal lover. I would've never considered trying hunting until I met my future husband, outdoor writer Mike Lambeth. Mike is an avid bowhunter, and I enjoyed...

What's With All These Laminates?
Pick up any recent rifle catalog and chances are you’ll see not just one but several models in sporter and varmint configurations wearing stocks of wood laminate. It wasn’t always this way. In fact, it’s a fairly recent phenomenon. It was more t...

Buck Fever Buster
Whenever a hunter first sees a deer, whether it's a 200-inch buck or a doe, the body's natural reaction is for adrenaline to kick in. The heart begins to pound and buck fever begins its assault on our nerves. If you are an experienced hunter, you ...

Her Birthday, His Buck
Nothing is more sacred than a wife's birthday. But for Kevin Wort of Rushville, Ill., dinner reservations do not have to interfere with a morning date in the deer woods. His wife must've known that early on in their relationship, too, because Kevi...

Ohio hunters take more than 75,000 deer during gun season
From Ohio Department of Natural Resources -- Ohio hunters checked 75,408 white-tailed deer during the weeklong gun hunting season, Dec. 2 to 8.

Doe Harvest Dilemma
Bob, I have a doe harvest dilemma. In Alabama, I’m still getting trail camera photos of spotted fawns in mid-October.

Like a Ton of Bricks
-- Tennessee’s deer season arrived; it started like most, with excitement, anticipation and me hardly being able to wait to see what kind of deer our family would harvest. In October, my Dad was driving to work when he spotted a very good buck wit...

Salvaging Torn Gear
Over the years, I have thrown away countless backpacks, pants, shirts, bibs and other gear when they got a rip or tear because they would only stay fixed a short time. Trying to mend them seems to be a big waste time
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