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Entries for November 2013

Antlers Are Great...
-- We awoke early one morning, excited to begin our first hunt of the year near Franklin, Indiana. As my dad and I drove to our property, we made a plan. If I didn't get a deer in the morning or early afternoon, we'd go get lunch and then go back ...

Scent of a Doe (HOOOAHHHHH)!
Although he's probably best known for the one-of-a-kind competition handguns he's been building for professional shooters for the past two decades, Dan Bedell of Lancaster, N.Y., is also a veteran whitetail hunter with numerous deer to his credit ...

Push into Public Land
Like many hunters who don’t have access to private lands or who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to lease property, I like to hunt on public land. But, not surprisingly, so do a lot of other hunters.

Vote for Buckmasters!
In 2013, Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine TV show has become the longest-running nationally syndicated outdoor program in television history.

The Case of the Missing Leg
Bob, what do think could have caused this buck to lose part of its hind leg? By the way, it has mostly been seen in an urban setting around our neighborhood, including my back yard.

'Hunger Games' increasing interest in student archery
Across the country, archery is experiencing a wave of popularity with young people thanks, in part, to the successful Hunger Games book and movie series, and to the expanding National Archery in the schools program. In Iowa, in conjunction with t...

Caribou—no shiny noses
One deer certainly gets a lot of attention at the end of the year, thanks to a well known story and song about Santa Claus, a foggy Christmas Eve, and a flying reindeer named Rudolph. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s story was created in 1939 by a...

If You're Sure . . . Shoot!
-- Ever since I was five years old, I’ve enjoyed sitting in the back seat of my dad's truck while he and my grandpa hunted whitetail. Hunting always seemed so special. Being from Saskatchewan, Canada, I‘ve seen lots of action and a handful of big ...

Nikon SlugHunter BDC 200
Remember when hitting a gallon can three times out of five at 40 paces earned a slug gun “tack driver” status?  Back when I was a 17-year-old whippersnapper flush with Holstein-milking money, I arrived at the family’s preseason sighting-in se...

No Knife Sharpener, No Problem!
Whether you are filleting fish or field dressing a deer, there are times you need to touch up the edge of a knife in the field but there simply isn't a sharpener on hand.

Splitting the Difference
Ohio carpenter John Bennett had his choice of three stands when he headed to the wispy Medina County cornfield on Dec. 7, 2008. One of those was a ladder stand within feet of where he'd seen a couple of giant whitetails during bow season. But he d...

Can Deer Be Picky Eaters?
Bob, I put in a small plot of winter turnips that are growing very well. The trouble is, the deer are not eating it! Why might this be?

Adventure Exceeded!
-- It started to sprinkle rain as I attached my bow to my pull-up cord. I hadn't packed raingear since it was still warm, and I hadn't checked the forecast since I'd been in a hurry to get into my stand before daybreak.  I continued to climb...

Hogs Every Which Way
Wild pigs are causing mega trouble in America. A national Feral Swine Conference held recently in Fort Worth, Texas, brought pig experts from everywhere. The upshot of the meeting was, “eradication is no longer practical.” The conference conclude...

PSE Crossbow Recall
Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc., the manufacturer of the referenced crossbows announced today that it will conduct a product recall on its 2013 TAC Elite, 2013 TAC Ordnance, and 2013 Enigma crossbows.

Appear, Deer!
Have you ever scrolled through your trail cam photos and not paid much attention to the really dark ones that appear to have nothing in them? This can be a huge mistake!

A (Very) Little Vacation Time
Getting time off from work is not easy for me, so, in deer season, I often take a partial vacation day – two hours – so I can go hunting. Three years ago, on such an occasion, I left the office at 12:30. This gave me four hours to get to my famil...

Late Season Food Plot Planting
Can you recommend something good to plant in my food plots at the beginning of October? I hunt in northern Illinois.

Poetry in Motion
-- The story about my first deer hunt really started Christmas of 2008 when my parents got me my first gun, a .22 caliber Cricket.  My dad, Rich, and I started shooting at our sportsmen club and I got better each time. For years, I kept shoot...

Missouri youngsters check 18,676 deer in early hunt
From Missouri Department of Conservation -- Missouri hunters ages 6 through 15 checked 18,676 deer Nov. 2 and 3. It is the second-largest harvest on record for the state's early youth portion of the firearms deer season.
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