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Entries for June 2013

Why do deer move more at night?
Why do deer move more at night? Simple question, not so simple answer.

From Jane Doe to John Deer
-- The story of my very first buck, which I took with a bow on Oct. 13, 2011, near Woodward, Iowa, begins around 6 a.m. when I'd noticed a dark object about 300 yards away. I didn't pay much attention to it since it was so far away. About 30 minu...

Pyrodex Goes Magnum
Perhaps no facet of the shooting sports is as clearly polarized as the world of muzzleloading. In one corner is the purist who sees muzzleloading as a way to connect with history. This is a diminishing but dedicated group of traditionalists. In th...

Finding a Cure in the Colorado Rockies
Over the course of my life, there have always been a few unattainable goals. Arrowing a trophy bull elk off public land in the Rockies was one that routinely eluded me. Five years of close calls and busted deals were like a malignancy starting to ...

Step Up to Your Climber
Here's a dilemma most hunters have dealt with when setting up a climbing stand: You're scouting a new area and finally locate the right tree to give you the perfect vantage point.

Nocturnal Bucks
Bob, there are two nice bucks on my property that only move into my area at night. That's the only time I capture them on my trail camera, never in daylight.

Frog Invasion!
Thousands of toads and frogs appearing on roadways or in backyards at this time of year may conjure other worldly scenes, but there’s no need to panic. Frogs and toads produce thousands of offspring at a time, yet only a few ever reach adulthood. A ...

All Smiles and Tears in Texas!
-- I'm an avid bow hunter and shot my first deer with a rifle at age four, so it's important to me to bring my family into the sport at an early age. My oldest daughter Josslyn is 6-years-old, and had been shooting a .22 rifle for about a year. S...

Fishing For Bucks?
We often think of fishermen as hunters seeking game in the water, but why not reverse this way of thinking? I like to bring my Ugly Stik ice fishing rod into the treestand with me. Some of you might think this is a weird tactic, but it works.

The Turnaround Buck
Things have to take a drastic turn if I’m going to take a good buck this season, I thought as I headed to my hunting grounds on the afternoon of Nov. 13, 2005. It was the last day of my week-long vacation, and I was worn out from hunting hard thro...

Growths On Deer
Bob, I've emailed this photo to see if you might know what's growing on the poor doe. I took the photo while out driving in Potter County, Pennsylvania.

Yamaha Announces VIKING Side-by-Side
Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., has announced the all-new Viking EPS Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicle setting a new standard in the three-person multi-purpose SxS segment.

It'll wait for Dad
-- After 25 years of hunting with my father, Ronny, and the two of us trying to take a big buck while hunting together, I finally got the big one. My stand overlooked a small, planted cutover strip in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. I was getting read...

Straight out of the Pages of a Magazine
Johnny Grimes isn't fluent in Spanish, but, like most Texans, he knows "muy grande" means big. Since he was 11 years old, Johnny has hunted mule deer in eastern New Mexico and West Texas. He was content with those stomping grounds until he read an...

Spray Those Platforms and Steps
Have you ever noticed how even a small amount of moisture can make your treestand steps and stand platforms slippery? Rain, frost and even dew can cause this, and especially if mud is stuck to your boots. Mud can make your steps slick as a whistle...

Does Engine Noise Spook Deer?
Bob, we have all sorts of vehicles traveling our club's road systems. This includes pick-up trucks, ATVs and SUVs traveling from the bunkhouse to our stand areas.

Life's Lessons on Opening Day
-- Back on a high ridge along an old cut trail stood a young man inside a makeshift hunting blind. Light filtered down through the trees, mixing with the mist that was rising from the earth. The smells, the quietness, the coolness - I can still pi...

The Hobby Gunsmith's Toolkit
Some folks cringe at the very mention of home gunsmithing, but tinkering with firearms covers a variety of tasks, from cleaning a gun to restocking one. I know some shooters who only load and fire their rifles, leaving all other tasks to a gunsmit...

Flashlights Save Lives
I edit hundreds of stories written by hunters each year and am constantly amazed at how many describe walking to their treestands in the dark with no flashlight. This is one of the most dangerous things a hunter can do because other hunters only s...

Postman Shoots Twice
I had been saving my vacation time from work for deer season, just like I have been doing every year since I became a rural mail carrier in central Oklahoma. When the 2007 bow season opened Oct. 1, it was so hot that it was hard to walk to my stan...
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