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Entries for April 2013

God Smiled On Me
It was a hot, sunny November day in west Tennessee. The mosquitoes were out, and it was about 80 degrees. I had two hours before my 13-year-old daughter’s basketball game, and I was itching to go deer hunting. Most people hunt for food here. With ...

Public Land Big Boys
My wife and I hunt on public land here in Kentucky and enjoy great success in the limited time we can hunt. During the off-season, we set up trail cameras and capture thousands of deer photos of all shapes and sizes: from does and spikes to huge 1...

My Lucky Arrow!
-- After hunting for seven years without luck, I couldn't believe the unusual way I came to shoot my first deer on November 12, 2012. Before Missouri's rifle season opened, I decided to go to my deer camp near Riverton to bowhunt. For the first c...

How Low Can You Go?
Recoil (ri koyl) — To move back suddenly and violently, for example, after impact. Any way you look at it, recoil means something’s coming back at you. And as it relates to firearms, how fast and hard that is depends on a lot of factors. But no m...

Student archers compete in NASP tournament
Devin Sobotka of Lincoln, Neb., Southeast High School set a state record with 290 points at the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) state tournament in March. Kora Shedenhelm of Omaha Mater Dei Academy repeated as the top girl scorer in th...

Vet Receives 'Hunt of a Lifetime!'
The Buckeye Chapter of the BADF in Ohio partnered with Dakota Outfitters in 2012 to honor and support our nation's military veterans by hosting their 2nd annual "Hunt of a Lifetime" for one lucky area veteran.

Bowhunter's Extreme Cold Tip
For those of us bowhunters who stick through late season, especially in the north like my home state of Wisconsin, extreme cold weather can be an issue.

Baiting NOT Legalized in Bama
Alabama's top conservation department officials said that the Conservation Advisory Board's recent effort to define the area around supplemental feed in which hunters may hunt deer and wild hogs does not amount to legalization of baiting.

Hunter Hotline
Prior to last November, Derek Thompson had pretty much convinced himself that seeing or shooting a big buck wasn't going to happen where he hunts in Ross County, Ohio. Truth be told, he wasn't having much luck with little bucks either. A busy sig...

Pure Thrill
My dad has long been an avid deer hunter, but it was not until my sophomore year of high school that I fully comprehended the excitement and pure joy of hunting. On opening day of the 2002 rifle season, Dad and I sat in a ground blind overlooking...

Food Plot Weed Wars
I'm attempting to recover a four-acre food plot that hasn't received herbicide for 30 years. I don't even plan to plant a summer crop, but am devoting all efforts to weed control.

Zach Bags Mr. Big
-- When Zach Barker, my 12-year old grandson, asked me if I would take him deer hunting because he'd been playing fall baseball for weeks and had yet to go hunting, I was ready. The next day after school, we purchased Zach's Ohio hunting license a...

Don't invite a bear to a birdseed party
Now that spring has arrived, bears and other wildlife on the move, even though it’s still cold outside. Daylight hours have increased which means hibernating bears are waking and emerging from their dens across the country. Food and mating a...

Let Your Subconscious Be Your Guide
You look up to see a pheasant coming. In a flash, it’s going to cross right in front of you. Are you going to take that second to think about swing, angles and lead, or are you going to just shoot? “Shotgun shooting is all about disengaging the c...

Chlorophyll Capsule Odor Eliminator
About three weeks before each bow season begins, I stop by my local supplement store and pick up a bottle of chlorophyll capsules.

Barking up the Right Tree
Following Ohio's 2004 season, during which I had multiple close encounters with two exceptional bucks, I set out to learn more about them. One of the deer wore a typical crown that might've tallied in the 160s. The other's rack was maybe 10 inches...

Start Her Young
A parent interested in raising her children to be good, solid citizens, with productive, happy and healthy lives should consider teaching them to hunt. A child who learns to hunt will soon discover few things come easily. The first game bird or a...

Cartwright Buck Wins 2013 Golden Laurel!
Thad Cartwright's Kentucky velvet giant has been named Buckmasters Trophy Records' 2013 winner of the Golden Laurel Citation, awarded annually to the most significant entry into the BTR.
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