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Entries for March 2013

Watching Eagles
This spring, people interested in American Bald Eagles are seeing an interesting, true to nature life lesson as a pair of nesting bald eagles are being observed on an eagle cam. The video camera watching the nesting pair went live Feb. 5. It was ...

Carabiners: Not Just for Hikers
Most white-tailed deer hunters have hunted from a treestand or elevated blind at some point in their careers. If we are hunting safely, we use a strong rope to pull up our bow, firearms and backpacks.

No Sandbags Required
I am very fortunate in that my wife and I own our own real estate business, which means I get to spend a lot of time deer hunting. My wife says she doesn't get to spend any time with me from November to mid-January. It helps, too, that we special...

Everybody Loves a Nut
The arrival of fall brings some welcome entrées for residents of the deer woods. That’s when acorns, beechnuts and other mast, hard and soft, mature and eventually drop to the ground, providing a nutritious change of diet for deer about to enter t...

The Spotted Buck
A couple years ago I captured a trail cam photo of a 1 1/2-year-old buck that still had its spots. I never saw it again until the first day of the 2012 Pennsylvania rifle season.

Time to Put the Camera Down!
-- I'd like to say I was in a serious mood on the way to my deer stand. You'd think I'd have been white-knuckled and tense about the possibility of bagging my first buck, but as an avid amateur photographer, I had other things on my mind. My husb...

The Case for a Good Gun Case
Sitting in a window seat on a 737 jet, I casually watched two luggage tractors heading toward the plane, each pulling a wagon loaded with duffle bags and suitcases from various connecting flights. Suddenly, a gun case that had been teetering atop ...

Easton's Deep Six Catching On!
The 2012 introduction of Injexion arrows and Deep Six broadheads made for a pivotal change in state-of-the-art arrows designed and built for serious bowhunting.

Jason's Ladder
Jason Kirkland once was smitten with bowhunting in Illinois. Now he's found a new love.For at least three decades, better-than-average prospects of tagging an exceptional whitetail have drawn nonresident hunters to Illinois like bees to pollen. As...

Blackpowder Wine Cork Trick
As I was cleaning my muzzleloader after another successful season, I got to thinking about a way to plug the barrel and allow my cleaning solution to soak in the breech for as long as I wanted.

Hinge Cuts
Hinge cutting is a method of dropping trees to maintain a connection with the root system. About hip level, at a 45 degree downward angle cut, about 75 percent of the way through the trunk. On larger trees, take advantage of the tree’s natural inc...

Metamorphosis of a Trophy Hunter
A brace of obscenely top-heavy whitetails hang from Joseph Schneider’s wall, one a world record. A third record book specimen is now at the taxidermist’s shop. The man talks numbers, too. It wasn’t a “buck” he saw the other day; it wasn’t even a “...

Nurturing Wild Persimmons
I found eight young persimmon trees growing among 10-year-old planted pines on a plantation in southern Louisiana. I want to nurture these persimmons, so what's the best fertilizer?
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