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Entries for February 2013

From Football Field to Deer Field
-- Taking a 145-inch 10-pointer would be impressive for any hunter, but it's an especially big achievement for David Saville, my 22-year-old son with Down syndrome. David has hunted with his mom, two brothers and me on our Madison County, Georgia ...

Kismet In Iowa
Because he rarely asks for time off from his job, inclement weather usually dictates when Kyle Simmons can go hunting. The demand for firewood near Spragueville, Iowa, keeps him busy for 60 or more hours a week. But last October, the 24-year-old ...

Homemade Vanilla Spray
If the deer on your property are beginning to lose interest in your bait pile or salt and mineral blocks, try making it interesting to them again by using a trick I've used for some time now.

The Kickstand Buck
One day, two hunting buddies were standing me up. The next, I was hitting the woods with two other friends, Mike Briddick and Brad Leistner, who had scouted a piece of property for about three months. It would be my first time to set foot on the l...

Humans Urinating in Buck Scrapes?
Bob, I've been urinating in scrapes for years to attract deer, with the exception of times when I have to take prescription meds. What do you think about this tactic, and do you think my doing this affects the integrity of the scrape?

Bullwinkle Down!
-- October 26, 2012 finally arrived, which is traditionally the best hunting weekend of the year in Medina County, Ohio. My husband, Gene Miller, and I had looked forward to this particular weekend since the beginning of deer season. We took off fro...

Endeavor to Persevere
The flush of a covey of quail can rattle the steadiest hunter, but Ed Perry wasn't surprised as he watched his big brother, Joe, then 10 years old, snap up his BB gun and bag one of the birds. The two youngsters added that trophy to the four squir...

Double Up On Scent-Lok
You can say what you want to say about scent-elimination clothing, but I honestly believe if used correctly, these products can really help hunters fool a deer's nose.

Rage Unveils New Broadhead!
Rage continues to lead the evolution in lethal broadhead technology with its introduction of the much-anticipated Hypodermic broadhead.

Results-Based Scouting
‘We’ve gotten it right … and wrong,’ says nationally recognized white-tailed deer and turkey hunter Tim Hooey. ‘Effective scouting is a year-round deer hunting activity, but the way our generation has been taught to go about it actually causes mor...

How long will does stay in heat?
Bob, how long will does stay in heat? Like bucks, the reproductive cycle of a doe is triggered by photoperiodism, which is the change in length-of-day.

A Moment of Awesomeness
-- Growing up in eastern Kentucky, your life usually revolves around two things: high school sports and hunting. I've played baseball ever since I can remember, and besides baseball, the only other thing I usually do is sleep. This comes from my da...

Stacy's Sweetheart of Story
Stacy Harris loves chocolate. So much so that a box of chocolate covered Alaskan berries helped solidify her choice for a future husband. Stacy's then-boyfriend, Scott, bought a box of her favorite treats at the beginning of his caribou hunt on Alas...

Kentucky's Golden Triangle Yields Another Nugget
Owen County, Ky., and the surrounding area have earned a solid reputation as a meat hunter's Mecca. The vicinity often referred to as the "Golden Triangle" consistently places at or near the top in the state for numbers of deer taken each fall. F...

Stop That Deer!
How many times have you watched a hunting show and have seen this scenario? A deer approaches a hunter, usually a bowhunter, and the shot is made as soon as the deer is in range, yet it is still walking.

Michigan seeks public help in Lower Peninsula wolf survey
From Michigan Department of Natural Resources -- The Michigan DNR will conduct a four-week wolf track survey Feb. 11 through March 8 to detect the presence of gray wolves in the northern Lower Peninsula.

Opening the Bedroom Door
I knew I was on to something good as I followed last year’s rub line. Although it was still late summer, the large tracks indicated that a buck had survived and continued using the route between its ridgetop bedding spot and feeding areas in the v...

Long Distance Swimming Deer?
Besides loss of habitat or pressure, is swimming a normal occurrence for deer, especially such great distances and out of their home range?

Youth hunt starts with a squirrel, ends with fun
The eye contact with the frantic gray squirrel seemed frozen in time. The squirrel had been knocked from his perch in a scaly bark hickory by one of the youths participating in the 16th annual Barbour County WMA Youth Hunt in Alabama. The bushy-t...

Back in the Saddle
-- When I look back a couple of years to the day I first saw this buck, I remember being immediately entranced by its size. My memories are still so vivid. The sun was shining brightly; it was a cool and crisp morning, and I spotted the buck walkin...
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