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Entries for January 2013

Illuminated Nocks Light the Way
I just wanted to pass on a very useful tip for illuminated arrow nocks that my husband and I recently discovered while tracking a doe in the pitch-black darkness.

A Buck Barometer Named Chris
It was a slow day at work. Don Wilson and his partner were sitting in the office when Don's cell phone rang. It was his best huntin' buddy, Chris Snyder, calling to report that the bucks were on the move in Brown County, Ohio. Don looked at his b...

WV hunters take 131,444 deer in 2012
From West Virginia Division of Natural Resources -- Preliminary counts of game checking tags indicate West Virginia hunters harvested a total of 131,444 white-tailed deer during the 2012 bucks-only, antlerless, muzzleloader, archery and youth/Cla...

Can There Be Two Ruts?
I hunt in Elmore County, Alabama and have noticed what seems to be a mini-rut around the time of Thanksgiving and another in mid to late January. Do have any idea why this is, and do you have tips for how to hunt during the lighter rut period?

King for a Day
-- On November 9, 2012 I harvested a beautiful 17-pointer in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, but my story starts a couple weeks earlier. On October 26, I was hunting in the stand we call the Honey Hole. It was about 4:30 p.m. when I heard the crun...

The Art of Jeweling
"Keep in mind that you are going for a total effect. The whole is much more dramatic than a single swirl." Jeweling is the process of polishing small swirls into the surface of metal. Also called Engine Turning and Damascening, it is usually done ...

Where Wheels are Useless
The transition from railroad engineer to skipper was easy for Billy Gearen. Although the 36-year-old might've preferred rails and crossties to the Kaskaskia River's swift current, there was little choice in the matter of reaching his deer stand. S...

NH 2011 fall hunting season results available
From New Hampshire Fish and Game Department

 -- Preliminary numbers are in for New Hampshire's deer, bear and fall turkey hunting seasons. The estimated statewide deer kill for New Hampshire’s 2012 season was 11,590 deer, up 4 percent from the f...

Law expiration makes crossbow use unlawful for big game
From New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation -- Provisions in the New York Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) that allow the use of crossbows for big game hunting, as well as eliminate a permit requirement for hunters with physical ...

Check Your Back Trail!
Still hunting (stalking from the ground) is a very traditional and popular method of deer hunting, especially in areas from Maine and northward. It's something we do a lot in my native Ontario, Canada.

Where Buck Fever Doesn’t Exist
It is not surprising that in Finland, a country practically developed by Nordic hunters in search of greener pastures and boundless game, hunting remains extremely popular. It has even been said that, given its sparse population, Finland has the l...

Once an 8-pointer, always an 8-pointer?
Bob, is there any truth to the old saying, "Once an 8-pointer, always an 8-pointer?" I've read a few articles on this, but I wanted to go straight to the source. Also, I've read that if a young buck does not have brow tines, it never will.

"I've Got This!"
-- Picture a petite 15-year-old girl sitting all alone, waiting for a chance to get her first big buck. The 4', 9", 100-pound cheerleader from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina had the time of her life during a Nebraska deer hunt where her brother, some...

Realtree Unveils New Pattern!
Camo pattern leader Realtree has developed the industry's most realistic pattern ever. Today the company unveiled its new camo pattern, Realtree Xtra, also available in Realtree Xtra Green.

Prepare to be Unprepared
I'm not sure exactly what attracted me to the frozen arctic to hunt muskox. There are certainly easier animals and places to hunt. I guess it was the allure of the unknown. I booked a spring 2008 hunt with Fred and Martin Webb who were highly rec...

Buckmasters Beginners Test!
Here's a great reason to save your old issues of "Buckmasters." When a child or beginner shows they can safely operate, handle and accurately shoot their firearm, I give them take a little test before allowing them to shoot at a live deer. This is...
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