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Entries for May 2012

The Bookend Buck
Seldom does the same buck begin and end a hunting story for three hunters, but that’s exactly what happened last December in southwest Texas on the Rafter W Ranch. The Rafter W hunt is my favorite of the year because I get to take a young hunter o...

Nebraska big game application period opens May 21
From Nebraska Game and Park Commission -- The application period for Nebraska big game hunting permits begins at 1 p.m. Central time May 21 through June 1.

Missouri spring turkey harvest totals 44,766 birds
From Missouri Department of Conservation -- Hunters checked 40,447 turkeys during Missouri’s regular spring turkey season, up by 2,120 from 38,327 last spring, or about 5.5 percent.

New AZ hunt regs now available, apply online now
From Arizona Game and Fish Department -- Arizona hunters can start applying for a hunt permit tag issued through the drawing process for deer, fall turkey, fall javelina, bighorn sheep, fall buffalo and pheasant.

Michigan elk and bear license applications now open
From Michigan Department of Natural Resources -- Hunters can apply for elk and bear hunting licenses now through June 1. Only Michigan residents are eligible to apply for an elk license. This includes qualified military personnel and full-time stu...

ND lowers license numbers, online apps now available
From North Dakota Game and Fish Department -- North Dakota’s 2012 deer season is open for license applications with 65,300 licenses available to hunters this fall, 44,650 fewer than last year and the lowest since 1988.

Memories More Important Than Harvesting
-- I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife to a wonderful husband. I was raised around hunting, wildlife and the outdoors. My dad is a retired Florida game warden, so my childhood was surrounded by hunting and being out in the woods....

Plants for clay- and sandy-soiled food plots
I hunt in Monroe County, Alabama, where a majority of the soil consists of clay and sand. In places, there is decent topsoil, but for the most part, this is what we deal with. Our food plots are mostly planted with rye, wheat and oats. I was wonde...

Crowning Glory
“Only accurate rifles are interesting” — Col. Townsend Whelen -- I can’t say I agree with the good Colonel on this, because I’ve had some poor-shooting rifles that were darn interesting. But I will concede that accurate rifles are a lot less aggra...

Use Binoculars as a Camera Zoom Lens
While muzzleloader hunting in Ohio in 2010, I witnessed extremely wide 10-pointer bedding down in the rain. It plopped down about 70 yards behind and to the side of my ground blind in an area out of my shooting lane.

Monster Quest in Middle Tennessee
This is not a story of a teenager who goes out into the woods deer hunting a couple of times a season and kills a huge deer while riding out of the woods on a four-wheeler. This is a story about chasing, thinking and maneuvering on a particular an...

Know When to Hold 'Em
It was an open fall in eastern Alberta. The temperature was well below freezing, but there was still no snow, so the deer were coming to water holes and licking ice for the moisture they needed. So were the coyotes, squirrels, and grouse. Without ...

Back-to-Back Bucks
-- I am 28 years old and a two-time Iraq veteran with the U.S. Army at Fort Benning, Ga. I am a resident of Waverly Hall, Ga. On Dec. 2, 2011 last season, I went hunting with a family friend, Larry Barksdale, on a hunting lease in Marion County,...

Forest fires tough on fish, too
When it comes to surviving a forest fire, fish might seem like the lucky ones.  After all, their habitat can’t burn, right?  Unfortunately, fish suffer, too—after the fire is over. Trees, shrubs and other plants keep the soil in place w...

Population models help biologists manage deer herds
From Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources -- Population models help biologists manage deer herds. 
"Models enable deer managers to input information to track population trends," said Tina Brunjes, deer and elk program coordinator. "T...

Wisconsin bats get a clean bill of health
From Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources -- For the second year in a row, a statewide survey of more than 100 known bat wintering sites has found no signs of White-nose syndrome, a deadly disease that has killed more than 6.7 million bats i...

PA expands bear season for soldiers, disabled hunters, seniors
From Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners -- Commissioners approved a notational vote for a technical change to the final package of 2012-13 hunting seasons and bag limits for expanded bear seasons in Wildlife Management Units 2B, 5B, 5C and...

Effects of Post-Rut Doe Harvest
What effect does harvesting does after the rut have on deer population and buck-to-doe ratio?

Elk Rifle Progression
Last fall marked my 38th season chasing elk. During those years, I’ve hunted elk with a variety of rifles and seen other hunters carry about every imaginable rifle in pursuit of elk. The guns that work best have several things in common. They’re ...

Cutting Down On "The Fidgets"
The challenges for taking a child hunting, especially for the first time, are vastly different from those of an adult beginner. Anyone who's tried to sit quietly with a youngster can tell you about the fidgets.
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