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The Thrill of the Chase

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By Kathy Etling and Susan Reneau

How many hunting adventure books deal exclusively with women trophy hunters? Start right here with this incredible collection of profiles of women who hunt big game. Long time Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine contributor Kathy Etling and Reneau researched the subject in detail to bring you stories such as the woman forbidden to hunt by her husband who sneaks away to return home a week later laden with hundreds of pounds of venison and a huge caribou rack. Meet the woman who harvested the fabled NA 29 Slam (all variety of North American big game) and the Alberta woman who not only taught herself to hunt to become one of Canada’s most accomplished elk hunters—man or woman—but taught her wheelchair-bound son how to hunt, too. Read tales of women who take sheep at 17,000 feet or find themselves surrounded by lions. No matter how daunting the task, these female hunters are capable of it. You cannot buy this book in bookstores.

Hardbound, 244 pages.

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