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Millennium M-100U Hang-On

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The Millennium M-100U HANG-ON treestand offers a lightweight, comfortable and quality treestand all in one.

The New Millennium®
The Millennium Series, The Latest in Tree Stand Technology

It's Time for a Change.
There's a unique spirit in the soul of today's deer hunters and, for them, satisfaction can only be found outdoors and within sight of trophy bucks. A goal which hinges on identifying and placing stands throughout prime white-tail territory. But, which stand offers hunters the best opportunity for bagging the big one?

"The Millennium Is The Most Comfortable Treestand On The Market and The Easiest To Hang."

Ladder stands, although sturdy and easily positioned at most any location, are not only bulky and heavy, but more importantly often recognized and avoided by mature bucks. Climbing stands eliminate this recognition hurdle, but these heavy, awkward and noisy stands force hunters to set up on perfectly smooth trees, which may or may not be in prime locations. To truly capture trophy bucks, today's hunters need a stand which offers the benefits of both without the downfalls of either. It's time for a change... It’s time for The New Millennium.

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