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Not a Bad Start for a Bowhunter

Not a Bad Start for a Bowhunter

By Rob Meade

Derrick Davis had high hopes for Ohio’s 2012 deer season. He and his father-in-law, Tim Baird, had collected trail camera photographs of a giant buck they’d nicknamed Mr. Crabs.

The tall-tined whitetail had posed for their camera four times during the 2011 season, but he was seen only once during the November rut.

In 2012, Derrick and Tim amassed about 10 photos of the bull of the Brown County woods. Tim also saw Mr. Crabs five times, thrice within 100 yards of his treestand, and twice more from a distance of 250 yards.

The last couple of sightings prompted him to move his stand closer to the food plot the deer favored.

Derrick climbed into the newly positioned stand about 2 p.m. the Sunday before Ohio’s gun season opened. Soon, some does and a couple of small bucks came onto the plot.

The bucks seemed nervous. Because they kept looking toward the opposite end of the field, Derrick followed their gaze and, eventually, saw Mr. Crabs saunter onto the plot only 50 yards from his stand.

Not a Bad Start for a BowhunterThe ecstatic hunter stood undetected, drew his bow and searched for an opening, but there wasn’t one. When he sat back down, however, he saw the empty space he needed to align sight pin with deer.

Although it was difficult for him to remain calm, Derrick, who had never shot a deer with his bow, let the arrow fly. He then watched the buck retreat, his arrow protruding from its side.

As soon as it was gone, Derrick began shaking uncontrollably.

Tim was hunting that day, too, and not too far from his son-in-law. He heard the buck thrashing in the woods.

When Derrick couldn’t find any blood, he let his father-in-law know of the shot and results. So as not to jump the wounded deer, they were extra quiet leaving the woods.

Work prevented the two men from searching for the buck, at first. As soon as they got a break, however, they found it quickly. Mr. Crabs had run about 100 yards before gravity claimed him.

Hunter: Derrick Davis
BTR Score: 191 4/8
Compound Bow

– Photos Courtesy Derrick Davis

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