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Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet

By Ken Piper

Smaller bows are easier to hunt with, but there are some drawbacks.

Short bows are all the rage, and bow manufacturers have been quick to supply bows to meet the demand. While the manufacturers have made incredible advances and created bows that hold their speed and functionality, short-bow shooters should know that there is a price for having all that energy in such a small package.

While today’s short bows are every bit as effective and lethal as longer bows, a short bow magnifies flaws in your shooting form. If you grip your bow, grab it upon release, tilt it to the side or any other of the long list of possible form lapses, a short bow tends to make those flaws apparent in your shooting.

Short bows also can have difficulties with nock pinch and peep alignment because the string angle is so steep when the bow is drawn. To counter nock pinch, you might need to let a little extra gap between the top and bottom knots in your string loop. If you’re having trouble seeing through your peep and the left-right rotation seems right, look for a peep specifically designed for steep string angles.

On the positive side, bows 32 inches and shorter are easier to hunt with. If you opt to use one, take extra time to practice and work out any kinks that might show up in your shooting.

If you’re a beginner getting ready to purchase a bow, consider something in the 33- to 34-inch range as a compromise between size and forgiveness.

As with everything, good bow shooting often comes down to preference and comfort for each individual. What works for your buddy might not work for you.

Finally, in no way are we saying to avoid short bows. Like so many aspects of bowhunting, you have to give up something to gain something else. When it comes to shorter bows, you can minimize what you give up if you know what issues to watch for.

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