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Using Ethanol-free Gas? Maybe . . . Maybe Not!

Using Ethanol-free Gas? Maybe . . . Maybe Not!

By Wayne Edgerton

Photo: If the gas pump you’re using has a single hose for a multitude of grades, you could be putting ethanol into your small engines.

I recently read your Tip of the Week about off-season ATV and small engine care by Buckmasters Editor Ken Piper.

This was a fantastic tip every hunter and ATV owner should read because we all use gas-powered ATVs, UTVs, chainsaws, generators and so on.

The importance of using ethanol-free gasoline in small engines cannot be emphasized enough to prevent gummed-up fuel lines and expensive trips to the mechanic.

But here’s a problem you might not have thought about:

Okay, so you’ve made a trip to the ethanol-fee gas station and are about to fill up your cans or put gas directly into your ATV tank. That’s a wise decision, BUT BEWARE!

The easy to miss problem happens when the gas pump you’re using has a single hose for a multitude of grades, including ethanol-free.

You could be putting that wicked corn oil into your gas can without knowing it.

In a single-hose pump, if the previous customer used gas containing corn oil, there will be residual gas remaining in the hose, spout and handle, and it will go straight into your gas cans, then into your engines.

The way to prevent this is to pump the first few seconds of gasoline into your car or truck tank, then fill up your gas can or ATV with straight up ethanol-free gas.

This drains the line and ensures you are not putting any ethanol into your precious small engines and ATVs.

If you accidentally purchased gas that might’ve contained ethanol, Ken Piper mentioned a number of products to help stabilize the gasoline. I would like to add one more product to the list that’s made right here in my home state of Wisconsin: Quickshot by AMSOIL.

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