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Trail Cam Hang ’em High Setup

Trail Cam Hang ’em High Setup

By Heath Tinker

With all the new scouting camera technology today, you’d think all the angles would’ve been explored by now. But a couple of years ago, someone gave me a great tip that has produced the best trail cam pictures I’ve ever gotten, even on public land!

In my early years of hunting, I was blessed with places to hunt on private land, like family farms and properties that were seldom hunted.

I could put out my expensive trail cameras without fear of them being stolen.

Then I moved from my home area and was forced to hunt public management areas. Once I started hunting public land, losing a camera became too big a fear to risk it.

Trail Cam Hang ’em High SetupWhen I heard this tip, I knew I had a possible solution.

I began to take a climbing stand with me on public land scouting trips, along with my cameras. When I found a promising, remote location, I attached my stand to a tree and climbed until I could strap my camera at least 10 feet above the ground.

To angle the camera downward, I simply propped a stick behind the top to cant it forward.

Then using the camera’s sensor test, I found the shot angle that worked best and cinched the camera tight.

I was shocked at how many big buck pictures I was getting, and through the years I hunted public land, I never had a camera stolen.

When I was able to hunt on private property once again, I continued to hang ’em high.

That’s because we weren’t getting many monster buck photos from ground level, even though sign was all around. When we did capture a shooter, it was often staring straight into the lens or smelling the camera as if something wasn’t right.

I was thrilled when my hang ‘em high setup revealed numerous mature bucks we never knew were there.

This unique setup has paid off for me big time, and I hope other hunters will add this tip to their arsenal for scouting public land, or for capturing images of that wise old buck that has eluded trail cameras for years.

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