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Prime Logic CT3 and CT5

Prime Archery, by G5 Outdoors, the leading manufacturer of premium archery equipment, has introduced the Logic CT3 and Logic CT5 as the newest members of Prime’s long list of superior compound bows.

Within the past month, Prime launched the new Logic Centergy Technology (CT) series with the introduction of the Logic CT9, a long 39” axle to axle bow that provides the versatility to meet the needs of hunters and competitive shooters alike. Now, Prime has added the Logic CT3 and Logic CT5, with 33” and 35” axle to axle respectively, to the lineup. This gives archers more choices when selecting a bow that will be their best fit.

The Logic CT3 and CT5 continue Prime’s center grip design for optimal balance and each provides an incredible shooting experience with an improved grip that provides a more consistent fit for a wide array of shooters. Both of these bows utilize the TRM parallel cam system, a very versatile cam system with limb or cable stop options. This enables the user to fine-tune the bow to meet their own personal preferences and desired feel when considering draw length and let-off. The bows also sport a new integrated quiver mounting system in the riser, which enhances the ease of installation for your Sherpa quiver system.

When designing the CT3 and CT5, Prime incorporated features that are familiar to many of their target bows, which once again illustrates the versatility they offer. A faster design has increased the maximum speed of these bows to 335 FPS for the CT3 and 340 FPS for the CT5. And if these bows weren’t impressive enough in their performance, their look has been enhanced as well with two new colors, “Morel” and “Tundra” which are available across the entire Logic  CT series.

The Logic CT3 and CT5 are available in three Sitka patterns of Sub-Alpine, Elevated II and Open Country; two First Lite patterns of Fusion and Cipher; Realtree Edge; tac ops series of Recon Gray, Ghost Green, Morel, and Tundra; target colors of Purple Haze, Glacier Blue, Deep Red, Emerald Green, and Malbec Red Satin; as well as black. Customized color options are available, talk with your dealer to learn more.

CT3 Specifications:
• 33” axle to axle
• 6.25” brace height
• 335 fps speed
• 24.5” - 30” draw length options in 1/2” increments
• 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 max draw weight options
• Starting price at $999

CT5 Specifications:
• 35” axle to axle
• 6” brace height
• 340 fps speed
• 24.5” - 30” draw length options in 1/2” increments
• 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 max draw weight options
• Starting price at $999

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