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TruFire Clutch

A constant leader in the development of industry-changing release aid concepts and technology, TruFire is once again challenging the status quo with the introduction of the Clutch wrist strap style release aid. The Clutch is first of its kind to utilize metal injection molding in the manufacturing process. Clean in both detail and application the Clutch’s foundation of dynamic engineering streamlines the production process of complicated parts to amplify the virtues of its premium-quality design. The result, is a ground-breaking dual-caliper release aid that delivers impressively-smooth operation with hyper accuracy, at an unprecedented price!

As any discriminating archer knows, the trigger is the heart of a release’s effectiveness. The Clutch’s precision manufactured trigger group parts vector a sheer and accurate pull with a trigger tension of 5.5 ounces. A single set screw can be adjusted to increase or decrease trigger travel for those who prefer to feel more or less of “the squeeze.” A soft-touch pad covers the back of the forward positioned trigger for comfortable engagement. The precision-built jaws of the Clutch are metal finished, cleaned and meticulously deburred to prevent wear and are ideally suited for attachment directly on a bow string or

The Clutch’s one-piece steel body features a durable metal coat finish and 360-degree length adjustment to deliver 5/8-inches in lockable positioning once the user has identified their personal fit. Enhanced ergonomics can be found on the release’s post-style body and trigger, while further enhanced by the famously-comfortable, easy to use and TruFire exclusive FoldBack wrist strap, with TrapTab technology.

The made-in-the-USA Clutch is offered with either a rich black leather buckle strap with red accent stitching or camouflage leather strap. Ideally suited for both right and left handed shooters. The TruFire Clutch is a hard-bodied workhorse designed to seize the moment and embrace each hard-earned opportunity, for years to come.

Standard Leather Strap $109.99
Camouflage Leather Strap: $109.99
Sueded Cloth Camouflage Strap $104.99 (dealer only)

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